Friday, November 18, 2011

Maggot Water

So I was a-travelin' again recently and had my first Steak 'n Shake experience. Nothing much of note to report, a fairly standard burger was consumed. As I tend to do at burger places with "Shake" in their names, I did not have a shake (out of fear of behaving piggishly).

The one thing I noticed was that next to the catsup there was an odd little bottle of wee, pale, white thingies floating about in some clear liquid. Upon further inspection I discovered that this was "Pepper Water" and it is intended as a condiment. I spritzed some upon a french fry and found it to be a vaguely pepper-y vinegar tasting substance.

Anyhow, I have decided to call this stuff "Maggot Water" because this is what it looks like. All in all I was a bit disappointed with Steak n' Shake, but I was also in a grumpy mood (red eye flights involved).

Anyhow, Maggot Water. That sounds appetizing, now doesn't it?


  1. This is a common way of preparing hot sauce in the South. Welcome to it and come back!

  2. Sadly, Steak&Shake has gone downhill in recent years.
    But the traditional use of the pepper sauce is to have everyone dare each other as to how many whole peppers they can eat in a row before needing to take a drink. they are not the hottest peppers ever, but are more hot than they look.

  3. Next time try the Frisco Melt.... It's amazing. Of course, the only time I've ever ended up at Steak N Shake is at 3 am after the bars, so I guess any review I may make is one a bit of a curve.

    I did wake up with an authentic bottle of S'n'S pepper sauce in my fridge once.

  4. Steak N Shake is one of the things I miss most about living in Illinois. Where else could you get a cheeseburger, chili and a chocolate chip shake at 2 AM? The ones I've been to are really good too. I never tried the peppers. But the quality of everything else has always been better than your average fast food. I love those flat burger patties and their mix of ketchup, mustard and mayo. Yum.

    When I visit my family back home, Steak N Shake is on my list of go-to restaurants. On my last trip to Illinois, my husband and I drove. I timed it just right so we'd hit Erie, PA (the first Steak N Shake on the road) right at lunch time. I've also planned road trips around Waffle Houses. It's not hard once you hit a certain point going south - but it's harder in the NE. I'll go out of my way to hit the one near Allentown PA on trips to Philly.

  5. It's really a shame that Steak 'N Shake has let their burger qiality slip to a level just above McDonald's. Years ago it was a true premium burger.


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