Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ryan's Farmers Market. Even if You Have No Other Reason to, Go for the Nibble With Gibble's (Lard Chips)

I have found that a lot of locals have driven by this place and are vaguely aware of it, but have never actually gone in. I am speaking about Ryan's Farmer's Market over on Fuller Road in Albany. Ryan's is a pretty no frills operation, the space is a little spare to say the least. My wife inexplicably says that it smells funny and won't go in with me (she is a strange one). But I have found that they generally have some decent produce items (at least as good as anything you are going to find in our local grocery chains), as well as all sorts of random and unexpected items that I like to peruse.

For one, they have Nibble with Gibble's potato chips.

You want to know why Gibble's (a going concern out of PA) chips are so good? Look right there at those ingredients. These chips are cooked in lard! If you are going to eat chips, you must trust me, take the drive and get some Gibble's at Ryan's. They are unctuous, salty little flakes of joy.

Ryan's also has a reasonable selection of Upstate farmed meat, mostly frozen beef and pork. I picked up a pork roast care of Gemini Excursion Farms in the Heldebergs. I think I am going to cure and smoke it for a canadian bacon kind of deal.

At Ryan's you can also get wine grapes/wine making supplies, cheeses, dairy products, deli meat, snacks, etc... To tell you the truth, I am so disgusted as of late with our local farmers market situations that I would  almost just rather just go over to Ryans to poke about. At least they actually sell meat and veg.

First the Troy market became a giant, obnoxious extravaganza and now the Delmar market (which sort of sucked to begin with) is even worse. I went there yesterday and there was probably about 1 grocery cart full of edible material in the entire place. It was pretty much an overcrowded, mediocre craft fair. I did actually see a few small and plump pumpkins at a stand and was going to buy them to do up some pumpkin butter, but I got so frustrated by being jostled by a pair of pushy silver foxes that I gave up and left with the family in a huff. But what is there to do? You have to take the world as it is and not as you wish it to be I guess... sigh.

Anyhow, I like Ryan's. It ain't D'Artagnan's, but I kind of like the joint.


  1. I still feel like the Troy Market is worth the drive on Saturdays from Albany. The vendors with produce and dairy are fantastic. There are a few craft vendors, but it's no swap meet.

    I haven't been to Ryan's in years. I just saw they added a deli that's supposed to be pretty good. I should go back and check it out again. I don't recall there being meat there before, but like I said, it's been years since my last visit.

  2. Check out the Empire State Plaza market inside the Conncourse on Wed. & Fri. Good fruit and veggies, baked goods, cheeses, meats and local wines at more reasonable prices than the Troy farmers market.

  3. You have a remarkable gift my friend. I've been to Ryans and failed to stumble upon those most delightful looking chips.


    A stop is undoubtedly in my future. Please email me your address, so I know where to direct my cardiologists bill.

  4. "First the Troy market became a giant, obnoxious extravaganza " so true

  5. Albany needs to start a high quality Farmers Market for RESIDENTS (not for state workers, as are the ESP and Maiden Lane Farmers Markets, held mid day during the week). A weekend Farmer's Market (of food, not crafts) within Albany would be fantastic for residents in the city and nearby 'burbs, like Delmar. I suppose drawing farmers would be tough with other weekend markets established, but it boggles my mind that a city so dedicated to the co-op, CSAs, and the urban lifestyle has no outdoor weekend market. A market in Washington Park or Lincoln Park would be cool, but the parking issue would probably be brought up. I wonder what an ideal location would be.


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