Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Midwest, Aren't You Quaint?

So I was out in Ohio the other week and I spied this at a hotel bar. Apparently, Yuengling is a "coming attraction" arriving in October, 2011 (I was there in November...).

But now that I think of it, Yuengling was rarely seen in our Upstate homeland before about 10 years ago. So maybe there it is considered some sort of strange and wonderful delicacy from faraway lands. But I also think I remember (in the late 90s) making runs across the border to Pennsylvania to stock up on fireworks, cut rate cigarettes (oh self destructive youth), and absurdly cheap cases of Yuengling. I am pretty sure that even back then I was aware that Yuengling was an American lager that was a bit of a cut above what I was drinking at the time (college days, don't judge me). So maybe I can't fault the Ohioans for looking forward to the arrival of the stuff.

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  1. Ha! I live in Brooklyn now, and whenever friends from Boston come to visit they drink as much Yuengling as they can get their hands on, exactly as if it's some strange and wonderful delicacy from faraway lands. I'm not a fan, but I generally like beer I can't see through. I think people just want what they can't readily have.


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