Sunday, December 11, 2011

The "Trojan" Omelette at Manory's

So I was across the river (downtown Troy) the other day looking for a bit of breakfast. On the recommendation of a trusted associate who knows Troy I decided to go to Manory's. This was actually my first visit to Manory's after years of hearing about the place and driving by it uncounted hundreds of times.

Moving inside, the place has the old timey river town ambiance of which I am so fond. Yellowed pictures on the wall,  grizzly old people, and all that. You know what I am talking about.

Something you should know about me is that I feel honor bound during my first visit to an establishment to order whatever is proffered as a house specialty, no matter what it is (take the Doodle Dumpster for example).  So when I saw the "Trojan Omelette" on the menu with the tag line "HUGE!" my decision was pretty much made for me. A 6 egg, 13 dollar omelette has to be something to behold, right?

There she is folks- 6 eggs, homefries, sausage, jalapenos, cheese, onions, all soused with some white sausage gravy. I am not usually a fan of diner/greasy spoon type omelets, but I made an exception for the Trojan.

For what it was, the Trojan was pretty well executed. The homefries were nicely browned, onions good and caramelized, crisp jalapenos, and sharp melty cheese. Not to mention the sausage, which was chopped up links. It was really good breakfast sausage, absolutely perfect texture. I wonder where they get their sausage, anybody know?

Here is the empty plate of my shame and self hate. I had skipped lunch and dinner the previous day which led to a perfect storm of piggishness that allowed me to demolish the Trojan. Probably the most that I have eaten in one sitting in years. I felt like a competitive eater.

Anyhow, I enjoyed Manory's and will definitely go back. They also had "Sugar Cookie Egg Nog French Toast" on the menu. As a seasoned Eggnogologist, I think I feel obligated to give this a whirl as well.


  1. I never leave Manory's disappointed. Congrats on your accomplishment!!!

  2. I just spent an unplanned 1/2 hour on your blog (arrived here from a google search on "canned tamales") and I have to say - "Bravo!"

    As someone who lived a year in Upstate NY (Ithaca) and who spent the early '80s touring theatres in cultural havens like Utica, Schenechtady, Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse, I was flooded with memories of the fine cuisine of your native land.

    If you would enjoy exploring the exotic foods of Los Angeles, I would be happy to make some suggestions, starting with our beloved Oki-dog.

    Please do continue with this important work.

    It's tough but someone's got to do it!


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