Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Stewart's Sign Spawns Another Story

A Gallery of Stewart's Signage: Part 1
A Gallery of Stewart's Signage: Part 2

I don't care if I am getting a bit droll with all of my posts on this subject as I feel like I am doing important work. One day Stewart's is going to change and everyone is going to thank me for the memories conjured up by the galleries (click the above links for parts 1 and 2) I have maintained for posterity.

I don't have enough pictures for a full gallery yet, so I thought I would share one new sign that inspired me  to provide a narrative for a possible event in Mr. Dave's family future (I went back and stole some pictures from the old galleries too). This is not the first time that I have gone on an incredibly long tangent based on thoughts conjured up by a Stewart's visit (read my first "Stewart's Story" here), so bear with me. I have an overactive imagination.

As you know, I now have a multi-month old manly heir now(Mr. Dave Jr.). So I am going to fast forward my life by 6 or 7 years to some far off sunny day. I am ambling down the some shady road with young Junior (Junior is be-garbed in the sporting uniform of the season) towards the Stewart's for an ice cream cone. I don't really care about the 50 cents off, but I remember that sort of deal thrilling me as a child. I am assuming Junior will share this sentiment.

We will get a couple of cones (I am partial to vanilla, don't know where Junior's tastes will go yet) and amble out the door at which time another sign catches our eyes.

Look there, in the bottom left corner, nightcrawlers! My boy's little face looks up at me and I will remember all of my childhood fishing jones' and the decision will be made for me. There is still much of the day left, so we head back towards the homestead for our poles and tackle. We will return to Stewart's for the wrigglers in a little bit, you don't want to get them too early, you want 'em to be fresh.

We will discuss what local creek to go to (he will pronounce it 'crick' just like I do) on the return trip to Stewart's for the worms. Yet another vision in brown and orange will appear upon pulling into our parking spot.

Deli Dog Sale? Fishing is hard work and requires provisions... I will introduce the boy to the steamy altar that is the beating heart of any Stewart's Shop.

We will get two to go (chili and mustard for me, I will allow the boy ketchup for now), one for each. We have already had our ice cream, so two hot dogs each would be piggish. Off we go for a day of catching sunnies and skipping rocks. Maybe we manage to get hold of a crawdaddy or two, maybe even a newt.

There you have it . Doesn't that sound like a heck of a day? I won't wax nostalgic for small town America with its Main Streets and General stores, those days are gone. I know that Stewart's is just a regional chain of convenience stores that I -- perhaps -- make a bit much of. However, I do believe that Stewart's Shops are an integral part of our hometown fabric -- fabric that my son will sew together to form his childhood memories. Heck, my wife is from downstate and used to spend summers with her Grandparents near Indian Lake. Even she has fond memories of going to the local Stewart's up there, she said it always felt like a special occasion.

Anyhow, if our chosen fishing hole was within walking distance then maybe there would also be a frosty can or two of these bad boys involved for the proud father.

This would probably get my hide tanned by Mrs. Dave, but it just might be worth the lickin'.

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  1. i'm with you on local stores providing great memories. i know that many a small-time businesses have left me with a smile on my face for a bit of quirky signage, an oddball-yet-charming employee, or good eats and drinks on the cheap. i always love being hit on by the gay guys at my local bar and ending up with a $0 tab just because i'm a "regular". love it.


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