Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mr. Dave in Georgia: Meat, Guns, and a Stuffed Monkey

So, I have been down in Georgia for a few days (Atlanta area). Haven't had a lot of time to get out and about, but I managed to stop at a Llewallyn's "Old South" Bar-B-Q for lunch the other day. The one with the Max Bacon sign, if you will remember.

I got a 2 meat combo, pork and brisket. The pork was alright, a bit dry and not much smoke. It came chopped with a sweet barbecue sauce. I always feel bad saying something like this, but the brisket straight up sucked. It was over lean and just sort of tasted like well done steak. I expected more from you Georgia! I have eaten better bar-b-q back home in New York. Take that dixieland.

As I said in my last post, this sign amused me greatly and I wanted to steal it.

The thing I probably enjoyed most during the meal was that the soda came with those lil' ice nubbins that I love so much. Why isn't all ice those glorious little nubbly bastards? They are clearly a superior beverage chilling technology compared to ice in cube form.

After lunch we had some spare time. There was a giant gun store across the way, so we decided to take a gander at the wares.

Ummm.... Now you know that Mr. Dave is sort of an ol' boy at heart and is a confirmed firearm enthusiast, but what is this (those are real handguns, not toys)? Who is buying this crap? At first I thought it was some new hip-hop inspired fad, but then I saw this one... I will let my ellipsis express the astonishment I felt. I was speechless and that doesn't happen often.


Also, there was a stuffed monkey (a baboon actually, me thinks). Stuffed monkey was wearing a hat. Stuffed monkeys in baseball caps never fail to make me smile.

Ol' Boy Monkey says "Aftirnoon Mam"
Well, that is about it. I didn't get to do a whole heck of a lot down here which is a bit of a shame. As a seasoned fast food anthropologist, I did manage to document a fast food encounter. I will follow up on that later.


  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCDJanuary 13, 2012 at 3:42 PM

    Gelada, sometimes (incorrectly) called a Gelada baboon.

    It's not a very good job of taxidermy. The face appears much shorter and rounder than it should be, almost like a baby chimpanzee. The bare red neck and chest make identification straightforward though.

  2. I had a some BBQ at the Old South last year and liked it, but as you said, it could have been better. Circling around in the area, there were a few stands in parking lots that were as good. Re another entry ,the boiled peanut. Love them!

    Dave S (Syracusan)


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