Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Wold Bistro Sunday Brunch

Wouldn't you know that today I made my first visit to Ric Orlando's New World Bistro on Delaware Ave.  It has become increasingly difficult to make a visit to all of the restaurants I would like to, what with all of the howling munchkins running about here at the Mr. Dave residence. I caught a movie at the Spectrum and than popped in at about 2:30, the place was still serving their brunch menu and was doing a brisk business. 

I started with Wasabi/Tobiko deviled egg. Ermmm, anyone else had this? To me it tasted like a fair to middlin' plain ol' deviled egg. I didn't really get any wasabi taste, or really anything other than plain egg taste. No heat or spice, although I will say that the tobiko added a bit of interesting texture. My associate and I who each sampled one agreed that we would probably pass on these next time. Sad, as I have a real thing for deviled eggs...

I got the Big Chief Omelette. This was a very solid omelette, chock full of tasty andouille, cheese, peppers, and slathered with a bit of tasty bearnaise.

My associate got Chuck's Breakfast Bowl. He said that as far as breakfasts in bowl form go, this one was top notch.

Anyhow,  I make a policy to never form opinions about a place based on any sort of breakfast or brunch service, because there are only so many directions you can go with morning fare. I do really want to go back for dinner now, lots of interesting things on that menu. Just have to wait a few more months until Mr. Dave Jr. gets on the solid consumables so I can get a sitter and bring the missus.


  1. The ropa bennie and pasta carbonara are two of the best brunch entrees I've ever had. Not every dish I've had at new world has been spot on--the occasional appetizer choice at dinner has disappointed. But the menu is creative and fun, and for the most part you should end up with something delicious. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. I don't think brunch here is for you. Go during regular service and check the " forbidden pleasures" section of the menu. First, there is always at least one tripe dish. Second, the pate, in whatever for it's offered, is consistently awesome. Third, sweetbreads.

    Oh, and dessert is nice, the nutella mascarpone mousse is hard to beat. NWBB is one of our local treasures, hope you hit them up again. I'd be glad to walk over and run through some of the menu with you.

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  4. i don't get going out for breakfast/brunch, those types of food are usually so simple and cheap to make yourself that it just doesn't appeal... in addition to the fact that nine times out of ten what i make is going to be better than what i get with hit-or-miss brekker cooks.


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