Saturday, January 14, 2012

Purty White Stuff

I always forget how durn' purty' it is around here. The weather in Georgia (where I just was) is nice and all, but everything is bit brown and flat. During the descent to Albany INTERNATIONAL (I will believe the international part when I can get a direct flight anywhere) I am always struck by the natural beauty of the area. Even with the unending sprawl, the rivers, mountains, and general green-ness remind me of times (longer than a week) spent in other places and how I missed home.

I have spent long periods (both in the USA and abroad) living in flatlands, and when there, I am always afflicted with strange feeling of "reverse claustrophobia" as I like to call it. The big sky and 360 view of the horizon instills in me some sort of primal fear that I might be sucked up into space. I think you need the warm embrace of a valley and some big sturdy trees to keep you grounded.

If we could get some damn boiled peanuts in our gas stations, I might never have to leave our borders again. Boiled peanuts are superior snack technology to anything we currently have at our gas stations.

But alas, I guess the fact that I only get to eat them when I head south is part of why they always taste so good.

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  1. Likewise, if you could get a Famous Lunch hot dog in Atlanta, or I a Clare & Carl's Michigan in southern Indiana, it would diminish not only the experience of the original, but of the copy.


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