Sunday, February 12, 2012

Annual Visit to the Minty Altar of Uncle O'Grimacey (Shamrock Shake)

Annum 2010
Annum 2011
Annum 2012

I had my annual Shamrock Shake from McDonald's today. It makes me feel sort of weird and old that this is the third consecutive shake that I have shared on the ol' blog. Hopefully I am not turning into weird, old, food-blog guy yet -- I am only closing in on 32.

Anyhow, apparently the big news this year is that the sweet nectar of Uncle O'Grimacey has gone "nationwide." I never even realized that the Shamrock Shake was not previously available everywhere. You learn something new everyday.

I have noticed that there tend to be small changes in the flavor/presentation of the shake from year to year so I thought I would begin to document them here.

As I stated in my 2011 post, I was a bit perturbed  when McD's made the switch to the clear plastic, dome lidded cup and they have stuck with that decision this year. I prefer to take my shakes out of waxed paper thank you very much. We still have the whipped cream, but no cherry this time(good, I hate cherries). The color seemed less aggressively green this annum, and I feel like the flavor was a bit minty-er and slightly less sweet. Maybe I am just imagining these changes, anyone else out there pay as much attention to the Shamrock Shake issue as do I? Can you confirm or refute


  1. Shamrock Shakes have long been a seasonal fixture of the McDonald's menu here in the Seattle metro area. I for one did not notice any change in color or taste. The cup change came about last year when they started offering the fake lattes and mochas.

  2. I had no idea they weren't nation-wide! Also ,I hate the plastic cups... only because a large is smaller than large and you can't get a super sized shake anymore. What?

  3. I usually have about five Shamrock Shakes each year. I have not yet had one here in New York (I used to live outside Chicago), but at the Chicago McDonald's I frequented, no two Shamrock Shakes were alike. Some seemed to have more of the mint flavor than others, some were uniformly green throughout, others were basically vanilla with a big glob of superconcentrated mint flavor (like toothpaste) at the bottom of the cup. I guess for me it depended a lot on who was making my shake that particular day.


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