Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fin, Your Fishmonger (We Have A Fishmonger and No One Told Me?)

So I was merrily driving up Delaware Ave. in Delmar this morning when what did I spy in the parking lot of Phillip's Hardware? A fishmonger that's what! I didn't know we had a fishmonger and this is truly exciting news. Here we have Fin (Your Fishmonger) who had set up a little kiosk of the sort you might see at any of our local farmer's markets right there in the parking lot.

From my brief conversation with the extremely friendly and informative proprietors I gathered that Fins is a fairly new operation based out of Altamont.  They obtain fresh, never frozen, (aside from some of the shellfish) sustainable seafood from the Boston pier on a weekly basis and sell it out of their wee tent in a couple of area locations (Phillip's Hardware in Delmar and Con-Rel Auto Electric in Guilderland). They put their hours and weekly price sheets up on their website. You can even add yourself to their mailing list to receive weekly updates.

I can not think of a business or a business model that I can more heartily endorse. I wanted to hug the people at Fin's and tell them that they are my hope for the future. I decided right there to make a point of supporting this concept with my greenbacks. I have been saying that I need to eat more seafood and there is nowhere else that I have found around these parts where I would rather get it. I even like their brown paper bags with the neat little logo sticker on 'em.

Oh yeah before I forget, here is this week's price sheet for your perusing pleasure.

On the recommendation of the lady and gent working the stand I decided to get a nice filet of golden tilefish. I also picked up a few shrimp and a quartet of shrimp cakes (for the Missus, she is a shrimp maniac). Along with each choice I got some helpful tips for preparation (the tilefish tends to have a bone or two, make sure the shrimp cakes are cold when you cook them or they might fall apart a bit) which I thought was a nice touch.

Anyhow, as I am now a naturalized Delmarvonian (I don't like the term "Delmartion") I am absolutely tickled pink to have Fin's right up the Ave. from me every weekend. I am going to make the place a stop on my regular weekend shopping rounds. It is truly exciting news to have a local, sustainable, knowledgeably staffed seafood vender.

Suffice it to say I think that Fin's will generate enough interest and buzz around the region without needing me to write posts about it on my hack blog. But in any event, I am beseeching you to help me keep this resource available (to me and to you). Head to Fin's next weekend with fist fulls of cash, buy many good and tasty things, and gorge your self on the fruits of the sea.


  1. You know... had you not been so jostled by the Delmar farmers market, you may have discovered Fin on your won a few months ago.

    I'm glad Fin has found a location to sell its wares in the off season, and I'm glad you have finally found them. But they are at the Delmar market in season, and one of the few things that makes the market worthwhile.

    Unless of course the Delmar market board decides they want to hold the line on being a producer only market, in which case I imagine Fin will be kicked to the curb. But we'll have to see where that nets out.

  2. I'm so totally jealous right now!

  3. Excellent. I would have had no idea these guys were around, and they are literally down the street from me at Con Rel! I'll definitely check them out next weekend.


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