Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hot Dog Dip

When you find yourself with a surplus of hot dogs, this is my suggestion for coping with the situation.

First, put a bit of color on your dogs (about a pack's worth, whatever that means to you). Nothing extreme, just a bit of brown. Throw some chopped garlic in towards the end to sweat a bit too.

Chop your dogs into manageable pieces and throw them into a blender with 1 cup cream cheese (I used Bruegger's Jalapeno), 1/3 cup mayo (usually puke in my mouth at the thought of mayo, but I find it necessary in "dips"), 1/4 cup Coleman's English, 1 cup aged NY Cheddar, some Paprika, and pepper.

Let that go until you have nigh a paste. The end product looks a bit like potted meat, doesn't it?

Top with additional shredded cheddar (Aged, NY. Best Cheddar in the Nation) and some fine slivers of a red Cherry pepper (from the jar).

Bake this at 350 until it is all bubbly like and heated through. Enjoy as you would any other "creamy dip," i.e. with chips, on crackers, or on top of other hot dogs. This recipe kind of "sounds gross," but if you do it right it is surprisingly good.

Anyhow, it has a sort of 1950's retro-kitsch if nothing else. You should try it. I will say that the quality of the hot dogs is the key player here, if you use shit hot dogs (Ballpark, etc...), your dip will suck too. Pony up for some quality tube steaks if you are going to attempt this recipe.


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