Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meka-Punkin' Blossom... I Guess I Never Thought About Pumpkin Blossoms.

If you will remember, I posted about the small garden I started this year. One of the things I planted was a "Mega-Pumpkin (brand name)" over in the corner (I renamed it Meka-Pumpkin).

Well, my garden is rapidly turning into more of a pumpkin patch then anything else. My tomato plants have given fourth most of their bounty, my pepper plants are pepper laden and ready for harvest, and my cabbages are about ready too. I am going to give the space entirely over to Meka-Pumpkin in the next week or two. The thing has gone from a wee sproutling to massive conglomeration of leaves and tendrils already, so I have high hopes for getting a nice pumpkin for Giblet and Mr. Dave Jr. this fall.

Anyhow, after yearly trips to the pumpkin patch since childhood I don't know that I have ever seen a pumpkin blossom in full bloom. I was kind of struck by how pretty the things are when Mr. Dave Jr. and I were taking our daily amble about the yard and saw one of the yellow/orange guys at peak blossom.

I imagine a field full of the punkin' flowers would be something to see.

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  1. You can also harvest the blossoms to stuff them (tons of recipes online for stuffed squash/pumpkin blossoms), although that would sacrifice a future punkin.


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