Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stone Turtles (Price Chopper Nostalgia)

I was strolling through Slingerlands Price Chopper location today when I spied something that gave me pangs of nostalgia. On top of one of the cold cases we have the above pictured, "Managers Special -- Mushroom Garden Set." Needless to say, I have to meet the man who will slap down the 80 bucks and walk home with this. That is aside the point though... Who remembers when P-Chops used to put all sorts of random crap on top of the aisles/cold cases? I mean they still kind of do, but back in the day the stuff was much more delightfully random. You had beer balls, lawn furniture, and whatever else the Golubs could get a truck full of at a cut rate thrown up there. It was glorious.

Those were the days. My childhood Price Chopper was the Madison Ave. location in Albany (mid 80s, when Chicken Tonight was the height of convenience food). This piece of P-Chopistan was in walking distance of my home and I spent countless hours (and incurred countless skinned knees) on the stone turtles that used to line the side walk out front of the store. I think a turtle or two is still in the area, but moved a bit.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I hate change. I become excessively comfortable with all of the drab and mundane facets of life and tend to be thrown into crisis when things (even very small things) are altered.

Take milk labels for instance...

Price Chopper has gone done and changed their milk labels. This will probably bother me for years. To help console myself I have included some "positive" change in the above picture. Apparently P-Chops is sourcing some local dairy and this is good. But why did you have to change your store brand labels? I was very comfortable with the old one.

Besides the milk label situation the Slingerlands-Chops is in the process of remodeling and has moved shit all over creation. I was looking for my favorite Wasa Crispbreads the other week and damned if it didn't take me the better part of a half hour to find them.

I understand that the ShopRite juggernaut may have the Price Chopper management running scared but they must not fall into a reactionary bonanza of change. Do you want to know why all of us folks around these parts are loyal to you Price Chopper? Do you? DO YOU? It is because we are a folk that appreciate our traditions and are willing to ignore warts in exchange for pleasant embrace of unchanging continuity.

Sigh, I am sounding more and more like a crotchety old codger aren't I? Can't help it and there are worse things than being a traditional Upstate New York cranky old man.

Now, get off my lawn!


I just discovered the whole "advertise products" thing in blogger. I think this is an opportunity for humor. Expect me to advertise silly things.


  1. I'm an hour north and Price Chopper's immediate competition is Hannaford. Hannaford recently changed all their store brand stuff, complete with new labels. I have an inkling this might be what caused Price Chopper to go ahead and change their milk labels to say, "Hey, look, we can do that too!"

  2. Thanks for the shout out to "Chicken Tonight" - they really need to bring that stuff back.

  3. I like the new labels :)


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