Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hooray for Stubby Bottles of Genesee Lager!

If you will remember my recent post praising Genesee Cream Ale's return to its classic label style then you will remember how I was saying that the real icing on the cake would be if they went back to the ol' timey stubby little bottles.

Well weren't I just tickled pick when I was at Hannaford's perusing the selections in the domestic beer cooler and I jostled what I thought was a 12 pack of cans of Genesee lager (read more about this particular brew in the first installment of "The Piss Beers of Upstate New York" series) and I hear the glass jingling!

That's right folks. Inside of this deceptively small case is 12 beautiful stubby little bottles of Genesee's finest.

I don't exactly know what it is about stubby bottles that tickles my fancy so, but they really do. Genesee Lager is certainly not my absolute favorite beer in the world but I think that it will probably make more frequent appearances in the pantheon of brands guzzled due to my Falstaffian appetite for oat soda. It makes drinking beer so much fun, and who doesn't like fun? I like fun and at less then 8 bucks for a 12 pack we have some very affordable fun at that.

Go fourth and guzzle this brew from its stubby vessel and rejoice! May your bowels be ever unaffected by Genesee Screamers!


  1. Thanks Mr Dave. Born and raised a 315'er I'm also a fan of the Upstate food and beer (pissy of course), but I'm in the Rockies now so only get back maybe once a year. Do you recall or ever see a beer by the name of Fort Schuyler for sale?

  2. Genny was actually the 'upscale' beer when I was in college at Geneseo. Small budgets and the desire for extreme intoxication usually left us with complete swill such as Milwaukee's Best. I shudder at the name even until this day. As a Utica native, my heart will forever belong to Matt's, preferably consumed out of a beer ball or 7 ounce splits.

  3. Must get these. Hannaford you say? Much obliged. I'll be on the lookout.


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