Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mr. Dave Gets Soggy at the Track (Shake Shack and Box Frites Consumed Despite the Weather)

Wouldn't you know it? The first time the family and I get up to the track this season and the weather could not been more disgusting. A fairly steady downpour gave way to a bit of sun and high temperatures. The ensuing humidity left us feeling as if we were attempting to drink, eat, and gamble in a giant bowl of pea soup.

Little Miss Giblet remained unfazed as always. God bless her.

Luckily we were at a fundraiser in one of the festival tents so we had some refuge from the rain, otherwise even my even temperament might have been tested by the heat and the weather. However, I was determined to ingest as much meat and dairy as possible despite the elements.

I began with a little Shake Shack. I first experienced Shake Shack at the Track last season and was duly impressed with the burger. This year I decided to try one of their frozen custard shakes (concretes) along with the standard ShackBurger. I noticed that there was an exclusive Saratoga shake called the "Sloppy Track" and with some hesitation I decided upon that. You see, I live in a pretty conservative world of vanilla and chocolate shakes/malts with a decided leaning towards vanilla. Deviating from my norms was difficult, but I did it for science.

The "Sloppy Track" contains frozen vanilla custard, salted caramel, and is topped with Valrhona chocolate. I thought it was great, maybe it would have benefited from just a titch less salt. Little Giblet said it tickled her throat and I agreed that it was more of an adult sort of shake.  The ShackBurger was predictably good as I tend to think that they usually are.

If you will remember I stated in my last post that the Shake Shack fries left my socks in a state of unblown-offness (which is strange because I am a krinkle cut french fry fiend). I decided to forgo ordering them from the 'Shack and instead gave the Box Frites joint a whirl.

Box Frites offers sweet potato and normal potato fries in several permutations with several dippin' sauces.  Also available are a few hot dog options.

I went with a small order of the normal potato frites w/Buffalo blue cheese dip and a "BLT Dog."
Lest you think I was acting over piggish today, I should caveat this by stating that all of this food was shared among my family and a few friends. Even Mr. Dave's Bacchanalian appetites could not have withstood the intestinal assault of all of this food considering the hot weather.

I found the fries to be a bit mediocre. Think Five Guys fries but a little crispier and somehow not as good. I thought the buffalo blue sauce was well flavored (aggressively spicy) but a bit thin. I am looking for an almost mayonaise like thickness in a frites dippin' sauce and this stuff was nowhere near that.

Mrs. Dave (somewhat uncharacteristically, she is fairly averse to most of the tube steak genre) seemed to really enjoy her bites of the BLT dog. I thought it was fair to middlin' as well, I would have put the bacon strip adjacent the dog. Also, something about lettuce on a hot dog is about as weird as a fart in church. Looking back, I probably could have done without the Box Frites experience.

Anyhow, I don't even know if I won any money today. I let wee Giblet pick all of the horses (by jockey shirt color preference) and I never even cashed out my tickets before we left. I got a bit overwhelmed with food and family and my gambling fell by the wayside. This is a major step in the ever rapidly accelerating evolution of Mr. Dave from a wild eyed, beer swilling, meat gobbling, hard gambling, tobacco spitting savage into a buckled down family man. Sigh, such is life. I regret nothing.  

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