Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stubby Bottles, Stubby Bottles, Oi Oi Oi.

Surely the angels must be smiling on the household of Mr. Dave to allow such a bounty of delicious brew to bless his kitchen! I have hit the stubby bottle bonanza at Olivers Brew Crew on Colvin Ave.

I apologize that this blog has sort of become the Genesee Brewing Co. Society of Upstate New York lately, but whatever. Don't judge me. I happen to be excited about the resurgence of an old and noble name in New York brewing. So you are just going to have to sit there and listen to me blather for about a month.

If you will remember I was super excited to see that Genny Cream Ale had returned to its ol' timey green and white package. In that post I was bemoaning the fact that Genny Cream hadn't returned to its classic stubby bottle. Well, weren't I just tickled after I discovered that the lager could be bough thusly at Hannaford's.

As if to over-gild the lily -- just yesterday a treasured associate shot me an email with a picture of himself consuming a Cream Ale out of the storied stubby vessel! He informed me that the object of my desire could now be obtained at Oliver's over on Colvin. I saddled the horse and headed over post haste.

As if stubby bottled Cream Ale and lager weren't enough, I nearly fainted when a stack of Genny 12 Horse twelvers appeared before me like a vision from beyond. I am not embarrassed to admit that I was  very nearly gibbering with glee. I really have no idea why things like this make me so happy, it may be a pleasant side effect of one mental illness or another... Who knows? You take merriment where ever you may happen to find it as this life is as long as it is cruel... I like to think of myself as a collector of all the small joys to be found in this world.

From this tower my power is derived. 
There she be folks. Nigh 2 feet of beautiful Western New York brew. All ensconced in delightful retro packaging and brown stubby chalices. 6.99$ (give or take) for a case of twelve? That is a freaking bargain in my humble estimation.

In any event, I guess I could have done a google search or two and discovered all of this momentous shit a bit more quickly. But heck, that would have sucked the fun out of it. It turns out that Genesee is offering a Heritage Collection which is comprised of the 12 Horse, Fife & Drum, and Summer Brew. I have to track down one of these now to complete my collection.

I thoroughly intend to alternate through all three of these Genesee products this evening. I am planning to do a fourth installment of my ongoing "Piss Beers of Upstate New York" series concerning the 12 Horse Ale. That will prob. go down in the next couple days if my bird like attention span holds out.

Anyhow, who else thinks that drinking all three of these brews in succession will cause a case of Genny Screamers the likes of which the world has never known? If you see lightning in the skys of Delmar tonight then that is Genesee lightning and it is emanating from my backside. Huzzah!

Well, as always I have managed to wedge in some juvenile potty humor into my otherwise somewhat informative post. That is the Attic salt that seasons my words and I declare it part of my charm.

Anyways, good for you Genesee! You are throwing strikes all day long with this new marketing scheme. I support it with the whole of my being.


  1. I admit I have never had any of the fine products of the Genesee Brewing Company (in my defense I have only recently become a resident of Upstate America) but I'm tempted to get some of these just for the bottles alone. It may be piss but it's the most attractively packaged piss I've ever seen.

    1. Please remember that I mean "piss" in the most endearing manner possible.

  2. Genesee fans should know that the new Brew-Pub is opening this Saturday 9/8 at 2:30 with a free concert featuring "Rochester music greats". You need a ticket to get in though and they're only available at various Rochester locations. Worth the drive?

  3. I find it slightly disturbing that the world headquarters of the Genesee brewery is located on Cataract St. in downtown Rochester. Too much Genny leads to bad eyesight? Might be worth exploring...

  4. I got my 12 pack of 12 horse in stubby bottles thanks to you. I've yet to crack one open. Also I should report Olivers was already out of the Cream Ale in bottles when I went there yesterday. I guess there was a run on the stuff.

    1. Hannaford's has the cream ale now, I saw it today.

    2. Genesee Heritage Collection Fall is now out at some distributors, three different stubby beers in one box.


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