Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Piss Beers of Upstate New York: Part 4, 12 Horse Ale

Piss Beers, Part 1 - Genny Lager
Piss Beers, Part 2 - Uncle Charley (Utica Club)
Piss Beers, Part 3 - Genny Bock

I won't waste your time with a bunch of links to me evangelizing about the return of several Genesee Brewing Co.'s products to their retro packaging. Simply go to my main page and use that lil' wheely nubbin' in the centre of your mouse to scroll down some (or if you have a Mac, do your patented swipey motions).

This will be a fairly concise review as I am in the middle of a riveting television program. Sorry.

12 Horse Ale - Sweet and malty at the onset, finishes a bit bitter. A little more gumption then a workaday American lager but really an "ale" in name only. Thoroughly enjoyable at the price. Buy a 12 pack at around 6.99$ and you will regret nothing. Revel in the fact you can un-ironically enjoy a macro-brew produced in your very own Upstate homeland.

I am still a Genny Lager or Cream man myself, but this is a welcomed change in pace. It is available over at Oliver's on Colvin near Central.

By the way -- THE GENESEE BREW HOUSE IS OPEN!!! I am frazzling my nerves trying to work a pilgrimage into my schedule. I will advise when successful. A Genny fueled engorgement on garbage plates and white hots seems just the thing to gird my loins for the coming winter. Don't know if I will have the time. We shall see.


  1. How much will you sell the empty bottle for?

  2. A recollection of another piss beer: Hedricks. Reputed to be owned by the Damnocratic machine of Albany County. Reputed to be on tap in each and every tavern locally. Well, as a college freshman looking for a stunt, a bunch of my compatriots took a sample of said Hedricks and sent it to the state agricultural department for analysis. Imagine our surprise when, several weeks later, the results arrived and, at the bottom of a long list of possible ingredients with several checked off, some wise ass had scribbled: "YOUR HORSE HAS DIABETES!"


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