Friday, October 5, 2012

Dispatches From Abroad, Part 3: The Big E (A Pictorial...)

This post begins with a giant, extra-phallic, corn dog. Just as it should.

So I went to the New England extravaganza that is the Big E on its closing day last weekend. I will have to admit that those crazy New Englanders know how do put on a fair. I had a splendid time and consumed a piggish amount of fair-cuisine. So much so that I had to run a half-marathon the next day (1:55:04, not bad as I haven't really been training all too much) in order to write off the smorgasbord as "carbo-loading."

In any event, I won't belabor you with an extensive post on the subject (read -- I am too lazy to write one) so here is a pictorial documenting my shame. Complete with captions! See I am not completely remiss in my blogging duties, I did captions...

Also, my iPhone camera was on the fritz so I had to use my wife's normal people camera. That explains the weird nature of the pictures.

Ham and cheese "Connecticut Pizza."
Sorry Connecticut, I tweren't impressed. 
Chocolate covered Slim-Jim. Not bad, not bad....

Apple pie without the cheese is like a hug without the squeeze!
My friend enjoyed this, I did not have a slice.

Apple Cider Slush! Come on New York, why don't
we have this piece of genius?!? Are we Appleknockers or
aren't we?

The corral for the queue at the "Maine Potato" concession.
Apparently the Maine potato is a big deal, I was

Main Potato assembly. This lady yelled at me, I got scared...

Here she is folks, the Maine Potato with everything.
Hell, soak anything in butter, cheese, and bacon and I
am in!

The RI "New York System Hot Weiner." Check
my last post for more details. 

Meat wheel in the sky keep on turning... Don't know when
I will eat meat to-morr-ow-ow-ow! (This was a spinning meat wheel).

Arepas and some deep fried pork belly strips. I did not partake.

Butter sculpture.

Fried cheese curds with ranch dressing. I don't think you
really need the ranch dressing...

That's about it. I will go back to the Big E next year, it really isn't that far away even (about an hour and a half).


  1. You crack me up, Mr. Dave.

    From the photo of the corn dog to being scared by the potato lady, you crack me up.

    I LOVE Rhode Island's NY System dogs. My mom was from RI, and we always asked her why we ate "NY" hot dogs in RI that we couldn't get in NY. (And I keep celery salt in the house JUST for hot dogs. I don't think I use it for anything else.)

    Mmmmmmm... cheese curds.

    I can't believe we don't do cider slushies! That's BRILLIANT! (Appleknockers. *gigglesnort*)

  2. Woa, that corn dog is beyond phallic and simply looks like a penis! Apple cider slush sounds amazing.

  3. I'm surprised Dunkin' Donuts hasn't co-opted the apple cider slush. Only they would call it a Coolatta or whatever.


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