Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Cider Donut Burger (Cider Slider? Donut n 'Curd Burger? Bah, Can't Think of a Catchy Title...)

So I was over at Indian Ladder Farms (Altamont, NY) this afternoon enjoying some goat-watching and donut eating when a semi-original idea occurred to me. I am sure the Luther Burger is familiar to you. It is a stock item of the"outrageous" or "ridiculous" food genre that has swept across the world and has been beaten in the manner of a dead horse over the past few years (I was a willing an enthusiastic participant early in this blogs history. I regret nothing). 

The Cider Donut (link is to the Herr Fussenstein, who has much to say about the subject as it applies locally) is one of the few regional foods that us Upstate Americans can claim and truly be proud of. So why not slap some beef and cheese on one of those sugary little bad boys and claim a donut burger of our very own? No reason at all why not... Hence, the "Upstate NY Cider Donut Burger" was born. 

I started with a workaday Indian Ladder sugared cider donut. Indian ladder donuts are a bit on the small side which is perfect for a donut burger. If you are going to be eating a donut burger than it doesn't really need to be that over large, now does it? We don't meen to be piggish here...

I am a cheeseburger fan. I know that hamburger/donut burger purists may scoff at this, and frankly cheese on a donut is a bit of a difficult concept to wrap the mind around, but I decided to go with some cheese in the form of my patented fried cheese curd disc.

I took some Palatine Valley Dairy (Nelliston, NY) cheese curds and threw them into a hot and greasy skillet. Right as the curds are about to pool into a melty curd pile you gingerly remove them with a thin spatula.

Done correctly you end up with a delicious crispy/gooey disc of browned cheese curd.

For the meaty filling I used some Buckley Beef ground sirloin (Valley Falls, NY) and prepared a fairly crusty and thin patty. Finally I topped my creation with a generous spoon full of butter browned onions.

Finally done I realized that I had created a beautiful masterpiece. I stood staring at the unctuous n'greasy little bastard pinched between my sugary fingers and giggled like a kid. It just looked so good. I was a bit worried that appearances aside the Cider Donut Burger would taste a bit off.

 So I took a bit ol' bite and ruminated a bit...

Nope, not weird. Definitely good. Delicious in fact, I was wrong to ever have doubted my own unending power, genius, or majesty. I will say that my creation requires some manner of sauce/condiment with a bit of acid/tang/sour to set off the sweetness of the whole affair. Maybe a cider based chutney of some sort... I will have to think about that. Overall I deem the Cider Donut Burger a resounding success.

In fact, I nominate the Cider Donut Burger as the official Donut Burger choice of Upstate New York! Who is with me? Huzzah!

Also, I need a catchier title for the thing. "The Cider Slider" was the only witty sort of title that came to mind, but what I made isn't really a "slider." I don't really even think you could use a donut (or a munchkin...) in a slider because the steamy bun seems to me to be one of the defining characteristics (of a slider). The "Cider Donut Burger" is sort of an apt and minimalist description in any event so maybe it is for the best.

Anyhow, I encourage everyone out there to experiment with this concept. I could easily see this as being a seasonal/niche/whimsical item on the menu of any number of local restaurants. Heck, I would buy one if I saw it somewhere...


  1. I think it needs a bread and butter pickle. I'll bring the pickles if you'll make one for me.

  2. "I was wrong to ever have doubted my own unending power, genius, or majesty."

    Well played, sir...well played.

    Bob W.

  3. What about the South Troy Burger that The Brown Bag serves on Wednesdays?

  4. 'I stood staring at the unctuous n'greasy little bastard pinched between my sugary fingers and giggled like a kid.'

    Um, I just love this sentence. That's all.

  5. That sounds awesome. I'll have to try it.

  6. Did you ever consider using the cider donut as a vehicle for a bacon, egg and cheese? With the cheese curds, obviously. Because those look amazing.

    1. Choose your protein filling. My innovation is simply the cider donut as the bready vehicle...

  7. I made these over the weekend, but I added Indian Ladder Farms Apple Salsa to the hamburger mix. They were absolutely amazing!

  8. You are a slob. Advertise healthy, our country (Upstate NY residents especially) has enough problems with obesity as it is.

    1. How about you advertise such things? Or is it too difficult to type whilst riding a high horse? It feels good to blame our big fat asses (not mine, I am rather svelt) on "unhealthy" food. That relieves us from the unpleasant notion that the problem is because we can't be bothered to exercise. Instead we spend our times posting self righteous comments in the comments of local food blogs.

      Do f@@k off.


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