Sunday, November 25, 2012

After Being a Negative Nog Nancy Yesterday, I Actually Liked Meadow Brook Farms Dairy's Nog

I was a little negative concerning Battenkill Creamery's and Ronnybrook Dairy's eggnogs yesterday... So I needed a positive Upstate NY nog experience to wash the taste of disappointment out of my mouth. Luckily, I was reminded on the twitters that Meadow Brook Farms (I buy their milk and chocolate milk at the Delmar Market all of the time) makes an eggnog. I ran right up to the 4 corners and picked me up a nice half-gallon.

It is 7.99$ per half gallon and I think I got the last one on the shelf this afternoon... That price is a bit dear so the fact that the Delmar Market is doing a brisk business of this nog seemed to speak well for it.

The Meadow Brook Farm's nog pours middlin' thick. Not as thick as some and not as thin as others. The color is a nice shade of pale yellow and the aroma is pleasing with vanilla undertones. The taste is absolutely lovely. It is very sweet, but has that sense of "richness" that I look for in a nog. There is none of the blandness that plagues so many other eggnogs. I am starting to think that a lot of producers don't understand that you need just a bit of salt to give your eggnog its necessary balance.

Color me impressed. Meadow Brook Farms and Stewart's are pretty much in a dead heat in terms of capturing my definitive Upstate NY eggnog endorsement. I think you should just go ahead and buy a half gallon of them both and revel in a bounty of noggy goodness!


  1. ZOMG! It's a nog that's not full of junk. I feel like you've found the Loch Ness Creature or Sasquatch. Once again you are contributing to the decline of my cardiovascular health. And once again, I'm delighted.

  2. I saw a nog I had never heard of before at Fresh Market over the weekend. I'll have to go back and get you a name. Came in a glass bottle and was definitely not Battenkill.


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