Monday, November 5, 2012

Meat Romney: Adventures in Election Day Meatloaf Artistry

I got such an almighty kick out of my last meatloaf art project (Meatloafy the Whale, pictured below) --

--that I thought it might just be time to put on my meatloaf-artist hat and get to work on a new beefy masterpiece. You see, I am going to watch the election results with some friends tomorrow night and I thought some meat and whimsy just might bring a little levity to this stressful situation. Hence, "Meat Romney" was born. I won't get into mine and my group of friend's political views, but lets just say we plan on baking Meat Romney in effigy.

I think you should make your own meatloaf presidential candidate. It's easy! All that you need is a couple trays of meatloaf --

-- and a Meat Romney stencil. I thought that Mr. Romney's weird side part was the hardest part to capture. I had to be a little cartoonish because drawing with barbecue sauce is not exactly a precision science.

Simply cut around the stencil and remove the Meat Romney scraps. 9 out of 10 meatloaf artists agree that meatloaf scraps are the best part of the job.

This is a two layer meatloaf presidential candidate food-effigy so I decided on some garishly colored shredded cheddar for the filling.

After you place the top half on, simply use instant mashed tatties to create weird mashed potato skin.

Finally, I used a squirt bottle of barbecue sauce to draw Meat Romney's features on. I think it came out pretty durn good if I don't say so myself.

I can't wait to eat a big slice of Mitt Romney's forehead. Mrs. Dave has already called dibs on the hair piece to the right of the side part. I am hoping that when ol' Meat gets heated up in the oven all manner of grotesque melty things happen to his smug face. Maybe cheese will melt out of his earholes...

In any event. Upstate Americans, I trust that you will all make informed decisions when you vote tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Meat is my favorite type of cake/pie/loaf. Loaf is one of my favorite words (loaf). I've always thought that Mitt's hair would melt nicely.

    Once again Mr Dave, you've hit the nail on the head. May our election night wishes turn out as well as your Meat, Romney.


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