Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rolf's Teawurst on Some Prinzo's Bread: In Albany One Can Feast Like a King for 5.45$

So you have 5 or 6 bucks in your pocket and you are looking to fill your belly with carbohydrates, meat, and fat... What should you do? Burger? Taco Bell? Fie on you if you live near Albany and you choose these! What you should do is march your happy ass down to Rolf's Pork Store on Lexington and get yourself a little chub of their teawurst.

If you don't know, teawurst (or teewurst) is a lightly smoked, lightly spiced, spreadable sausage hailing from Germany. Teewurst has a mild, smokey, subtly "wurst-y" type flavor if that makes any sense... I love the stuff. It has a pleasing mouth coating creamy fattiness that you just can't get in other foods.

Rolf's sells both coarse and fine ground teawurst. I prefer the fine ground, but that is just a personal preference. Anyway you take it, at only 6.99$ a pound a good sized chub will cost you under 4 bucks (the one I just bought was 3.70$). That is a goddamn bargain if you ask me.

Teawurst is generally served in a fairly straight forward manner, i.e. spread on some substantial bread (maybe with a bit of thinly sliced onion to guild the lily). I believe rye bread is traditional but I prefer to take my teawurst spread thinly on some crusty white bread. On this particular occasion I grabbed a Prinzo's Bakery (Delaware Ave, Albany) loaf at the Delmar Market.

Should you, after reading this, shuffle off to Rolf's to stock up on teawurst let me give you a tip. Let it sit out for a bit before you tuck in and spread it on your bread. Not for too long as teawurst is a raw product, but just long enough to knock the chill off. There is a lot of fat involved in this product and it becomes creamier and tastier when it approaches room temperature.

I wouldn't be too ambitious with how much you spread on your slice of crusty bread. I have found that a thin schmear does nicely. Think of the teawurst as a sort of "meat-butter" and keep that in mind. I have seen people put a half of an inch on a slice of bread and they tend to get a bit overwhelmed. It is kind of like watching a dog eat an open faced peanut butter sandwich...

Anyhow, my chub of teawurst was 3.70$ and a Prinzo's loaf was 1.75$. So for 5.45$ myself and a couple friends could have had a filling, simple little lunch of smokey meat and bread. You can't beat that with a stick.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Rolf's Pork Store is an absolute local treasure. We are luckier than we know to have the place. Go there and spend all of your money.


  1. Yes! A thousand times yes. Except for that part about the white bread.
    NO! Damn my eyes!

    The fact that some people are skittish about teawurst just means more teawurst for you and me. But it is like meat butter. It's a great way of thinking about it. And as Glenn was explaining to me, while it's a raw product that's cold smoked, the meat is kept substantially below freezing for a long enough time that anything nasty would be long dead.

    I'm not going to argue with Glenn. That man is built like a pit bull, and he's been eating this stuff his whole life.

    Rolfs is indeed a treasure.

    1. Yeah, I know the stuff comes to you sterile, but if you leave it out all day baddies will certainly colonize it, that is what I meant.

      As for the white bread thing, I know, I know.... I don't eat white bread as a rule, but for some reason when I am going to smear a fat/meat spread on bread (schmaltz, butter, liver wurst, etc....) I ache for crusty, cheap, white bread. Don't ask me why, it is a guilty pleasure thing. Sour rye with the onion and teawurst though, I will say.


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