Monday, December 10, 2012

Deep Fried Hot Dogs (NY Hot Dog in Monroe, NY)

I just got back from a 10 day work excursion to Orange County (stayed in Monroe, worked in Cortlandt Manor) which explains my general lack of posting lately. This and I seem always to enter a winter time internet malaise during which my droll blathering dries up a bit. Sometimes I even throw a gloriously dramatic blog ending tantrum around this time, only to triumphantly reappear the following spring all plucky like and ready to inflict my musings on the populous at large once more... Hopefully we don't have any of that this year.

In any event, while driving through Monroe I spied NY Hot Dog which I had never noticed before. I think it must be relatively new as I am down in that neck of the woods fairly often. Everyone is well aware of my general obsession with the hot dog sausage. Needless to say I was compelled to sample the establishment's offerings.

I initially thought it may have been a Mexican run joint (due to the corn on the cob painted on the window) and I had a flash of hope that I might be able to get one of the glorious Sonoran Dogs that I love so much (I lived in Arizona for a while). But alas, I discovered that NY Hot Dog was run by some good ol' New Yorkers. No matter, we know our hot dogs here too.

The menu at NY Hot Dog had an item that immediately drew my attention -- deep fried hot dogs! I am aware that this is a thing in New Jersey but I don't know if I have actually ever seen them sold in New York (at least in my usual Upstate Haunts). I am however familiar with the deep fried hamburger (Swifty's in Delmar), but that is another story.

I ordered two with mustard and the recommended house made onion sauce.

I must caveat this adventure by stating that I am in the midst of experimenting with the ketogenic diet (I am 32 and have decided that if I ever want to see abdominal definition again then this would be the time to nip my beer bagel in the bud). Buns and even onions in large quantities are a no go, so I bought these with the intention of giving one to a trusted advisor. I consumed the other hot dog by itself which was all sorts of depressing. It took no small amount of will power to not just eat the whole shebang.

Here we have a Boar's Head hot dog on your standard workaday hot dog bun. The mustard is spicy brown/deli style. I sampled a bit of the house made onion sauce which had a really nice flavor. My only issue is that the onions in this sauce were substantial and still almost crisp. I tend to like the onions cooked down a bit more in my hot dog onion sauces, but that is just a personal preference.

After eating his deep fried dog my trusted advisor informed me that he had thoroughly enjoyed it. He said he wouldn't have even known that the hot dog was fried if no one had said so. On close examination of the hot dog itself I noted that it was only lightly fried in oil, i.e. it wasn't deep fried to the degree that your "Jersey Ripper" hot dog would be. I actually thought it was pretty tasty. The bath in the hot oil gave the natural casing dog a nice crispy snap and a pleasingly unctuous flavor and mouth feel. I can only imagine that I would have found the whole hot dog to be delicious in its totality. 

In any event, should I ever get off of this miserable diet (hopefully in a few weeks, I am only trying to lose 5 or 10) I would happily go back to NY Hot Dog and gorge myself with abandon. 
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