Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ménage à Xmas

Merry belated Xmas! I always get a little busy around the holidays and forget to ramble on about my usual nonsense here... So I thought I would share a concoction I inflicted on some friends the other day.

I am calling this the "Ménage à Xmas." Here we have some homemade fruitcake booze (self explanatory, rum infused with fruitcake), a bit of Genesee Abbey fruitcake (that I soaked in more rum), followed up with some of my famous aged eggnog.

I encouraged people to slam the fruitcake hooch, bite the hooch fruitcake, and then to sip the eggnog but no one was really game for my shenanigans. I did hear some good things about each of the components of my masterpiece, so all was not a wash.

In any event, I hope all of your winter solstice celebrations are humming along festively! Heck, the New Year is nigh upon us... Can you believe how fast this holiday season went by? It is hard to slow down and sniff the eggnog sometimes, but I am trying.

On another note, my meat curing chamber prototype is entering its testing phase... Mu ha ha! This is probably all you will hear about in the near term as I am sort of consumed with the project.

1 comment:

  1. Two things. Thank you for the #CleverAnglo hashtag. And if you ever need anyone to slam your booze, bite your cake, and sip your cream just give me a call.

    If you don't have me on speed dial, just send me an email and I'll send you my number. But it may be dangerous. Ask Albany Jane about how I show up at her house all hours of the night craving bacon and homebrew.


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