Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Excelsior Pub (Delaware Ave., Albany)


I was informed by the proprietor (via the Excelsior Facebook page) that I made the heinous error of overlooking Genny Cream Ale on tap. My earnest apologies! A bar that has both Uncle Charley and Genny Cream on tap? I am moving in...


An associate of mine was in the mood for a quick beer this evening and I asked if I might like to pop in to the Excelsior Pub (Delaware Ave, Albany). I have been meaning to get over there ever since it opened as I have heard numerous hearty endorsements from friends. This was the perfect and rare opportunity for me to visit (my junior minions were relatively quiet so Mrs. Dave actually allowed it).

The Excelsior Pub pretty much exclusively offers NY produced beers, wines, and spirits which is sort of up my alley (you might say).

The Excelsior was doing quite a good business for 6:00 on a weekday I thought, barely a seat in the house. After looking about a bit I immediately sidled up to the bar and did a quick visual perusal of the bottles and taps. It was just peachy to see so much New York booze and brew in one place. I believe the owner knows the song of our people and is doing good work at this establishment. They even had Uncle Charley (Utica Club) on tap for god's sake (although I did not see any Genesee)!

I am laying off the oat soda (beer) for a while so I took this opportunity to try a couple doses of some NY hooch. I started off with a little 46 Peaks Vodka from Lake Placid Spirits which was handy because I have been considering buying a bottle blind. The stuff is made out of potatoes grown in the Adirondacks which I think is neat. I found the vodka to be just the thing to keep those North Country boys warm through the long winter.

Next up was a little Ironweed Bourbon from the much heralded Albany Distilling Co. The kind Barkeep informed me that the Excelsior had obtained the bottle only nigh 30 to 45 minutes prior and I was getting one of the first pulls. I found it to be interesting as far as bourbon goes... We will leave it at that.

In any event, I was tickled with the Excelsior experience. The Barkeep was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, the inventory was staggeringly impressive, and the crowd was the just the sort of crowd I have come to enjoy drinking around as I move into my 30s (no one was yelling). Heck, I even felt a little underdressed in my standard khaki pants/black North Face combo. There was a lot of young professional/Albany business casual types milling about in nice duds.

I give the Excelsior Pub my wholehearted endorsement (whatever the heck that means, no one reads this) and will attempt to visit as many times as the Missus will allow. Uncharacteristically, I don't have one bad thing to say about the place. I will, however, have to sample the menu (they sell food) next time I go.

Upon returning home I decided I needed a lil' Rolf's teawurst pick me up.  My dusky, 23 pound, feline lifemate went buck wild when I took it out of the fridge and tried to steal it. He is a good boy who needs his nourishment, so I rewarded his pluck with a couple kitty treats. One has to treat his Court Eunuch (does anyone else call their neutered male cats this? Nope, just me eh...) well...


  1. I've heard a lot about this Ironweed Bourbon. For all its interestingness, is it worth checking out? I don't have a very refined palate when it comes to bourbon but I do try and make an effort to sample local spirits when I can.

  2. 1-HEY - I read, and resent being called a no one
    2-Also curious on your impressions of the ironweed (beyond interesting)
    3-Thanks for the report, been dying to get down there but haven't been able to yet.


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