Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Think I Found My First Food Photograph... (A Meersburger)

So I booted up an ancient lap top that I haven't used in quite a while and what did I find sitting there on the desktop? I found what I believe to be the earliest example of the crappy cell phone food photography that I utilize on this hack blog. I think this is what started it all folks, I believe this is where the idea of documenting my food adventures was born in my tiny brain.

The above picture was taken in 2007 (I think) with my Blackberry in Oklahoma at Meers Store and Restaurant. If you are ever in the Lawton/Fort Sill area of Oklahoma and ask anyone where you should eat they will tell you Meers. The picture is of their world famous "Meersburger." Meers' eponymous burger is made out of grass fed beefs right out of their own resident herd. It adds a little something to the burger eating experience to know that the family members of your meal are outside still mooing. The burger is huge and served to you in a pie tin. Read the description on the website as it is pretty amusing (they won't put ketchup on it because that would make it a Yankee burger among other things).

It seems strange now, but that Blackberry I used back then was the first cell phone that I owned (I was a late comer to the cell phone game) that had a camera. I don't think I would have ever lugged an actual camera into a restaurant to take a picture of what I was eating at that point in my life. The cell phone camera seemed to me to be a little less obtrusive and less obnoxious. I don't really recall why I even took the picture as I wasn't involved in blogging or really any other social media at that point. I guess the burger tickled some urge to begin documenting and exploring my feelings about food culture.

I ended up starting this blog about a year later (2008) after I upgraded to the iPhone 1. The ease with which you could snap and then download pictures onto your computer allowed me to write pictorial posts while still being a pretty lazy sack. Looking back, those early pictures are pretty drab and awful. My pictures are still pretty bad but I refuse to learn anything about photography or cameras and I insist on using whatever phone I currently own (after a sojourn to Android, I am back with the iPhone). So I guess the cell phone industry, social media/blogging, and I have grown together over the years...

In any event, it was kind of neat to come across the spark that led to a gettin' on 6 year long endeavor.

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  1. I guess you should try to have a nice camera to encourage you to take photos of things. It somehow fuels me up to see end-results that are dashing.


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