Sunday, January 20, 2013


I know that I previously stated that I would not do any new posts relating to Stewart's due to people complaining that I was turning into a big Stewart's commercial (and accusing me of being on their payroll. Ha! I wish! They could pay me in Mountain Brew). But I kind of forgot that I don't really care about the thoughts or feelings of others... So here is another post about a Stewart's product. You are free to find yourself another hack, Upstate New York oriented, micro-regional, food weblog to read anytime you want. Thank you very much.

In any event, anyone else like Stewart's Vichy water? I do. Randomly I will mention Stewart's Vichy and people will look at me like I have two heads. It is available at most locations and it has been since time immemorial so I never understand why no one has heard of the stuff.

This is one of my secret weapons in the battle against culinary over indulgence. If you are burping bile and acid after a bacchanalian night of fatty food and booze, this stuff will sort out your tummy right quick. Trust me, have I ever steered you wrong?

Vichy is composed solely of bubbly water, salt (1300 mg Sodium per bottle!), and bicarbonate of soda (baking soda). Baking soda and water is great for indigestion and the Vichy makes it a slightly more palatable potion (in my opinion, my wife finds Vichy to be incomprehensibly vile).

As far as the flavor, I guess it is a bit of an acquired taste but I find it sort of refreshing (especially ice cold). I can see how some people despise the stuff as it does kind of remind one of getting a mouthful of ocean at the beach. But Vichy serves its purpose. A small cupful settles the tum-tum and I was using it to supplement my sodium intake whilst doing my stretch of the keto diet (2 months, great results).

Just thought everyone should be aware of another strange and wonderful product that exists in our environs.


I was just informed via the twitters (by @jengonroff) that Vichy is used in the stead of buttermilk/milk in pancakes by the old timers. This is genius and should go into the Upstate New York book of ol' timey lore and legend.


  1. Mr. Dave, I have always loved your Stewart's posts, even more so now that I have moved away. Keep 'em coming! My husband also loved the Vichy while I looked on with disgust. Next time you're there, have a scoop of some weirdly named ice cream for me!

  2. I was introduced to Vichy as an unsuspecting newcomer to upstate New York. My husband inexplicably thought I would like it and recommended it to me. I failed to read the label and naively thought it would be sweetened ... or at least, not extremely bitter.

    If I remember correctly, I angrily threw the bottle out the window somewhere in the vicinity of Esperance. I apologize to the kind people of that humble burg, but damn that stuff was vile. However, I had never considered its (probably intended) use as a constitutional and will remember that for future times of sour stomachs. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I have not had any experience with Stewart's Vichy, but thanks to reading your posts, I cannot go into my local Stewart's anymore without checking out the various (campy) signs around the store. Never really paid much attention to them before...

    While I am a native New Yorker, I grew up on Long Island and spent many years living in NH and Indiana (where 7-11's are much more common), so since moving upstate I have learned to embrace the campy phenom that is Stewart's.

    I will admit that Stewart's milk is the only brand that I purchase and I have to rein myself in when I see the eggnog beckoning me from the refrigerated case...

  4. Alright, now I have to try this. I spend plenty of nights drink highly acidic sour beer after sour beer, and the indigestion is awful. It's bad enough where everyone in my tasting group carries their own Tums. Gotta give this a shot next time.

  5. I know I'm late to the party but this stuff was always my go to when I had horrible indigestion! Much like you suggest, it sorted me out quick, now I live in Philadelphia and I'm stuck with a Tums or Pepcid.

  6. I first heard of Vichy while living in Saratoga Springs, NY and first saw it at Stewarts. I liked it and often aided my after a night of drinking in the Saratoga bars. I remember the locals calling all club soda Vichy. Instead of ordering a vodka and club, they would order vodka and Vichy.

  7. I absolutely LOVE Stewart's's a sparkling, salty and bubbly water that not only settles the angry gut, but it's also quite refreshing when guzzled ice cold on a hot summer day! Long live the Vichy!!

  8. I love the Vichy at Stewart's! It's a bubbly, sparkling, salty concoction that not only settles the angry gut, but it's also quite refreshing when guzzled ice cold right out of the distinctive green bottle on a hot, humid summer day. Long live the VICHY!!

  9. Funny thing, I live near Watertown, NY and Stewart's has been around up here for as long as I can remember. Today is the first time I recall seeing Vichy in the store. It was serendipitous because I had an upset stomach and I was looking for something to calm it but lo! It was not to be. I didn't know what it was so I grabbed a bottle of ginger ale but I was curious enough to look it up. I should have gone with my gut and purchased it. Now I know better.


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