Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothing Says Valentine's Day Like A Meat Heart

I think I have actually joked about making meat hearts once or twice before... But guess what? ShopRite (Slingerlands) has went ahead and made my jesting a reality. In three different meats no less! Usually I have to find my strange and wonderful grocery store items over at P-Chopistan (Price Chopper) so I was glad to see a little slice of weirdness at ShopRite too.

Lamb, beef, and chicken breast hearts. The steak one in its own little heart shaped box is my favorite. My wife would wretch if I gave this to her, but you know what? Steaks are actually a pretty thoughtful gift to give to a guy like me... So I guess this concept isn't entirely strange and misguided. It is only partially strange and misguided.

1 comment:

  1. I haven't seen meat hearts before, but the Kroger butchers in our town shape ground pork into the shape of a pig, and use pimento-stuffed olives for the eyes. Quite appealing, actually.


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