Saturday, March 2, 2013

Meatloafy Puss

So a friend of mine was having a small birthday soiree this afternoon and said friend had requested that I produce a meatloaf for the occasion. Never being one to turn down the birthday wish of a lady, I decided to oblige. This will be my fourth foray into what I called Meatloafistry (I fancy myself a "Meatloafartist"). If you will remember I have previously created Meatloafy the Whale, Meat Romney, and the Grumpy Loaf. It seems that people tend to become quite tickled by these meaty sculptures and I am generally happy to put them together.

As Meatloafy the Whale was perhaps my favorite loaf so far I decided to continue with the Carvel theme.  The Cookie Puss cake seemed a pretty complex endeavor to recreate in meat... but I always welcome a challenge and "Meatloafy Puss" was born.

It was a daunting journey from conception through execution so I thought I might share the process below. I hope you enjoy.

Anatomy of a Loafy Puss

I started with the same general process as I did with MLtW (Meatloafy the Whale). I baked a big ol' meatloaf and used a stencil to cut it into a rough "Puss" shape. To imitate frosting I used some instant mashed taters.

An ice cream Puss uses cookie ice cream sandwiches for the eyes. I decided to utilize the meat equivalent of an ice cream sandwich - the McDonald's cheeseburger. 

At this point I thought the loaf looked like some sort prehistoric Venus figurine. A "Meatloafus of Willendorf" if you will...

The next problem I had was figuring out how to make a cone shaped object for the nose. I remembered a recipe for 0 carb taco shells from the low-carb diet I was on a while back. You basically just microwave shredded cheddar and then shape it once it has cooled slightly. I thought the cheese cone came out famously.

Meatloafy Puss was beginning to take shape.

Naturally I used Easy Cheese for MLP's (Meatloafy Puss) arms and mouth.

Check out MLP's cheesy pythons (arms)!

I shaped some salami into wee hands and eyeballs. For the hat I used another McDonald's hamburger patty covered in BBQ sauce.

I pondered for quite a while as to what to use for MLP's nose-ball. I first thought about a giant meatball and then I considered a rice ball... But I wasn't too thrilled with either of those options. Suddenly I was overcome with divine inspiration and I thunked of what I consider to be the pièce de résistance of the whole project. Wouldn't one of my beloved Herkimer cheese-balls be just the thing? It ended up making MLP's proboscis a little too large, but what the heck, meatloaf sculpting is an art not a science. 

Behold! The completed Meatloafy Puss! His Loafy Puss-iness! The Puss of Meatloaf! All joking aside, I am only chalking this up as a marginal success. I thought it came out pretty good and captured the essential feeling of an ice cream Cookie Puss, but it was just a bit busy. I think a true piece of meatloaf art needs to be a little simpler and more minimalist in nature.

"Gaze into my cheeseburger eyes! Muhahah!"
In any event, despite my feelings about Meatloafy Puss, I think the B-day girl was pleased that I had fulfilled her request for a loaf.

So that was the process. Now we should look at Mr. M. Puss in action at the party --

I feasted on Meatloafy schnozz! With crackers!

I offered Mr. Puss a sip of my Uncle Charley.

Oh God! MY EYE! My cheeseburger eye!

We feasted on face. We plundered the Puss. 

That is all all folks. Who knows what further meatloaf creations lurk in the heart of me...


  1. This is the best thing I've seen all week!

  2. It was delightfully delicious, thank you!

  3. Uh oh Mr. Dave, now that you've nearly exhausted the entire Carvel product list (I'll vote for "Hug Me the Bear" next, thank you) will inspiration soon strike for the Meatpire State Plaza? I eagerly await...


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