Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where Have You Gone Uncle O'Grimacey? (Yearly Shamrock Shake Documenting)

Annum 2013
So I obtained my yearly dose of the minty green chemical brew that is McDonald's Shamrock Shake. I like to fancy that the shake changes from year to year, but I have a feeling that it is actually I who is changing... 

In any event, I hold to the opinion that there is a general trend towards more assertive minty-ness in recent years. Way back when I remember the things just being sort of green with a pretty vanilla flavor profile. This year the Shamrock shake is of Creme de Menthe parfait like proportions. For the second year running there is no cherry included which pleases me (I hate cherries). I guess the only other thing of note this year was that there was a sort of pleasant green strata effect when viewing the shake from the side... You can kind of see it in the above pictures.

I have now documented 4 years of Shamrock Shakes... This sort of makes me examine what my life has become that I have wasted so many years documenting shitty novelty milk shakes on the internet. No matter, I regret nothing. 

Below are the past 3 years worth of shakes.

Annum 2012

Annum 2011

Annum 2010


  1. I miss when the were in paper cups. The clear one just isn't right!

  2. You can order it without whipped cream. It's closer to the original. Hate the clear domed lid


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