Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Salami and Butter Sandwiches

This seems like a stupidly simple thing to be posting about... But yesterday I had a couple discussions on the twitters regarding the salami and butter sandwich. It appeared that many people had never sampled this delightful combination. Out of my personal sandwich panoply the salami n' butter is an easy standout, so I thought I might share.

First you are going to need some goodly butter (at room temp). I picked up some Kriemhild Dairy Farms (Hamilton, NY) butter at P-Chopistan as it was on sale at 4.00$ per 8oz. I like this butter. It is has great flavor and just the right amount of saltiness.

For the bread-y chariot for my fatty/meaty delights I chose some rye from Heidelberg Bread (Herkimer, NY). Heidleberg Bread stands out to me as a model for local/in-state food production. Their products are absolutely outstanding, wholesome, widely available, and not unreasonable in price. Many producers could learn from Heidelberg's model. Their rye is especially tasty. The rye flavor sort of gets in the way of the pure salami/butter flavor sensations, a neutral and toothsome white might be a better choice, but it is what I had on hand.

Butter both slices of bread generously with the softened butter.

For the salami, I used some of my homemade German style "sandwich" salami. This is a lightly spiced salami with an agressive fermented tang. Perfect for this sandwich. You are going to want to use a sufficiency of salami. I find that in this case a sufficiency of salami is a single layer. You are looking for balance in this sandwich.

There you have it folks. This is one of those simple treats that transcends its components. The salami n' butter is best eaten after having been wrapped neatly in wax paper and left to sit in the bottom of your knapsack for a couple of hours. I advise you to try this if the combination has never occurred to you.


  1. I'm not disputing your approach for this most excellent of sandwiches at all, but my preference is different. I believe salami is best enjoyed in a freshly baked Italian style of bun. In consideration of the greater density of bread matter in the sandwich, there also needs to be a greater density of meat -- four layers of thinly-sliced salami is about right I would say.

  2. I love seeing all these Mohawk Valley products being touted!!!

    And my dad eats ALL his sandwiches with butter. He doesn't do mayo or mustard on cold cuts -- ever.

  3. I at this growing up! that would be in my lunch pail daily.


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