Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Placeholder Hot Dogs. For Your Viewing Pleasure.

As has happened numerous times before, I have sort of lost interest in this here weblog. Don't know why really... It just sort of happens. I'm kind of tired of writing about "Upstate" stuff as that is beginning to feel a bit cliche and tacky. There are much better and more thorough resources out there for the whole charcuterie thing so I will spare you further exposure to my meaty goings ons. Likewise, I have been up to a lot of canning/preserving but becoming a source of pinterest-fodder doesn't seem too attractive to me...

In any event, I thought I would leave some nice hot dogs for you to look at on the front page here lest you get tired of staring at the pickles from my last post. Then you will know if you ever fell like having a look at some hot dogs to brighten your day, ol' Mr. Dave has sorted that out for you over on his blog.

I will most likely post in future, I always seem to come back to it. I think I might just need some new subject matter. Maybe I will stumble into something in the near future, maybe not. But anyhow, until then enjoy your picture of Charlie's mini-dogs with the works + cheese! I delighted in this hot dog heresy.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shishitos and Beer.

Peppers and beer are one of life's happy couples. For a lovely snack with your delicious beer you can munch Padrons in Spain, Jalapenos in Mexico, Italian long hots in Rome, NY (get the appetizer at the Franklin), and Shishitos in Japan. I have had blistered/grilled/sauteed shishitos at various Japanese/Asian type restaurants over the years and found them to be especially delicious. But for home consumption you rarely if ever seen shishitos for sale around these parts. So I decided to grow some in my garden this year.

I ordered the seeds from the Kitazawa Seed Co.  as I have always had good luck with their products. Also, I love the packaging.

I started the pepper plants inside and moved them outside in late May. As I have awful gardening luck this was right before that cold snap where it frosted for a couple nights there. I covered everything with blankets but still lost a bunch of seedlings. I am left now with 6 or so shishito plants and boy those buggers are prodigious little bastards! There must be 20 peppers on each plant already. I decided I could do a little early harvest as looking at the plants was making my tummy grumble. 

Shishitos are wrinkly, thin fleshed, 3-4" inch little guys with a great flavor. You really don't need to do anything other than throw on a little oil and good salt before you cook them.

I tossed my small harvest with some olive oil and sea salt.

Some recipes advocate scorching the shishitos in a really hot cast iron. I prefer to set a timer for 10 minutes, put the heat on medium-high, and just sort of toss them every so often. Once they come off the heat I like to hit them with some lemon juice. Vinegar works too.

It is best to enjoy your plate of peppers with a nice uncomplicated and refreshing lager. I took having seen the below beautiful vision as an omen and got a six pack of Genesee tall boys post haste.

There you have it. It just doesn't get much better than that on a summers day.

You should grow shishitos and eat them with beer all summer. This is my advice to you this evening. Alternately, know me. Then maybe I will share some with you. Maybe.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I Am Master of All Hot Dog Tweets!

I am only recently getting into the Twitters... I still don't really get the whole thing but I will accept it (I guess) as a form of communication. In any event, I never thought I would brag about a tweet but I am especially proud of this one. I was at the Rensselaer Hot Dog Charlie's location and snapped a few pictures including one of an article about Fentekes, the founder.

Coming up with hot dog lyrics to the tune of "Milkshake" and then tweeting about it was the obvious next step...

Bonus tweet!!!

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