Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Placeholder Hot Dogs. For Your Viewing Pleasure.

As has happened numerous times before, I have sort of lost interest in this here weblog. Don't know why really... It just sort of happens. I'm kind of tired of writing about "Upstate" stuff as that is beginning to feel a bit cliche and tacky. There are much better and more thorough resources out there for the whole charcuterie thing so I will spare you further exposure to my meaty goings ons. Likewise, I have been up to a lot of canning/preserving but becoming a source of pinterest-fodder doesn't seem too attractive to me...

In any event, I thought I would leave some nice hot dogs for you to look at on the front page here lest you get tired of staring at the pickles from my last post. Then you will know if you ever fell like having a look at some hot dogs to brighten your day, ol' Mr. Dave has sorted that out for you over on his blog.

I will most likely post in future, I always seem to come back to it. I think I might just need some new subject matter. Maybe I will stumble into something in the near future, maybe not. But anyhow, until then enjoy your picture of Charlie's mini-dogs with the works + cheese! I delighted in this hot dog heresy.


  1. I don't comment often, but I always enjoy your posts, Mr. Dave. Hope you come back soon. And those dogs look great... of course, I'll be saying that again from some coronary ward in a few days after I get some, but hey... ;)

  2. I assure you, as a fellow fan of ridiculous food, charcuterie, bacon, and Upstate NY food culture, there really is no other blog quite like yours. I hope you realize this and I look forward to your (fingers crossed) eventual return.

  3. Heresy indeed. I guess you couldn't stand to keep blogging with me out of town. Dammit. Now it's even more important than ever. Especially in these summer months when potential tourists drive by our region to friendlier destinations.

    Hey, if you are in search of inspiration, maybe I can help. How about putting all of the region's culinary delights inside one another to form some unholy turducken like creature symbolic of Albany.

    You know, like a mini dog, stuffed inside a fish fry, stuffed inside a NEBA, stuffed inside a church bbq chicken, and served with a side of melba sauce.

    Or your blog would be perfectly entertaining solely for your artful meatloafs. I'm hoping for a Jerry Jennings one before he retires.

    Whatever you choose to do, thank you for keeping the blog up this time, so at least we can go back and re-read some of the gems from the past. Enjoy the R&R.

  4. That's a beautiful picture Mr. Dave. Hope you don't mind me downloading and using for my desktop. If posts only on mini hot dogs from Charlie's started to appear here I would still drop by for every one of the them.

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  6. Please come back mr Dave


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