Sunday, September 29, 2013

Grilled Headcheesus.

So I have a new favorite sandwich. I think it has even passed the salami n' butter as the favored member of my personal sandwich pantheon. It is pretty simple to boot.

You start with a lovely slice or two of Rolf's Pork Store's (Lexington Ave, Albany) spicy headcheese. If you aren't familiar, headcheese is made of all sorts of porky bits spiced and held together in a gelatinous suspension.

For the bread-y hand to mouth delivery vehicle you want to use something flavorful. I am a fan of Heidelberg's (Herkimer, NY) Jewish Rye.

 You need a little serious mustard too. I used some Lowensenf Extra which is also available at Rolf's.

You can stop there and have a delicious sandwich experience. But I thought it might be fun to do a bit of a play on the grilled cheese sandwich with headcheese. I am a man of limited imagination and a simple sense of humor so this thought amused me.

I fried the sandwich lightly in a bit of butter. As always, I was hoping to have a divine light shine onto my sandwich making activities resulting in a heavenly "Grilled Cheesus." A "Grilled Headcheesus" if you will. But I guess I would have to buy an actual Grilled Cheesus maker (yes, this is a thing) to have it happen with any sort of predictable probability.

Anyhow, the gelatin in the spicy headcheese melts into the bread leaving delicious and warm porky bits. The rye, spicy headcheese, and mustard are delightful together. This is a sandwich built to be eaten alongside a nice cold beer. The flavors may be a bit strong for your sandwich amateur... but any seasoned sandwich connoisseur will be tickled pink.

I thoroughly endorse both this sandwich and Rolf's spicy headcheese. It is only like 6 or 7 bucks a pound too.

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