Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I had a bit of a get together this past Saturday. It went over swimmingly (started as a BBQ, morphed into a spontaneous Ice Cream Social, and then inexplicably ended up as a pizza party...), but that is another story.

I took a break from chowing my own homemade teawurst (beefwurst actually) and picked up a couple chubs of Rolf's Pork Store teawurst to serve to my compatriots to whet their appetites. As we all know teawurst is best described as a delicious spreadable "meat butter." I was a bit rushed so I just threw the chub on a plate with a couple piles of rye bread and a jar of Lowensenf extra.

It occurred to me afterwards that the plate ended up looking like a butterfly (teawurst chub body with bread wings) bumping its head into jar of mustard. I had inadvertently created a beautiful "MeatButterfly!" In any event, I think I will exploit this plating style in a more refined manner at my next gathering as I think it is sort of neat.

So your word for the day is - MeatButterfly.

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