Monday, September 16, 2013

The Breakfast of Royalty

So I was driving home from a wedding in Saratoga the other day and was more than a little hungover. The wife, my merry (not so merry really..) band of compatriots, and I decided that greasy breakfast might be just the thing. We originally tried to break our fast in Saratoga proper but there was some sort of race going on and the whole downtown was closed off. Shaking my fist at the runners and their healthy activities we headed for the Northway southbound as someone had suggested the Halfmoon Diner in CP.

It didn't take me much time to make my breakfast decision. I am no especial fan of Eggs Benedict but they advertised it as, "The Breakfast of Royalty." Of course I wanted to breakfast like the royals, who wouldn't? I ordered it with a side of bacon.

When "THE BREAKFAST OF ROYALTY" arrived I took note that the poached eggs with their schmear of hollandaise looked like conjunctivitis ridden eyes. The only thing better than a royal breakfast is a smiley face breakfast so I added a bacon smile to complete the effect. I picked up my plate and made Mr. Conjunctivitis (that's what I named him) talk to one of my tablemates. This seemed to illicit some laughter from an adjacent booth. I was a bit red faced at my display of hungover antics, but no matter. The best of us are laid low by excessive drink.

The breakfast was quite the standard diner breakfast version of Eggs Benedict. That is to say, completely unremarkable apart from the visual appeal of smiley breakfast.

A couple more things. The wife and I did not have any cash at the ready. The darling wife tells me to go to the ATM she thought she walked by upon entering the diner. The below object is that which my wife believed to be an ATM. I stood in front of "Tractor Time" for more than a few seconds giggling at the lovely lady's wine addled brain's delusion.

I always perform a close inspection of local diner placemats. There is more often than not some sort of local flavor to brighten your day (a fairly obscene pun used by a dog groomer for instance). My friend happened to pick up on this one.

"Scatbooks" for an email address, eh?... Maybe they should have googled that first. But not on image search because that might be scarring...


  1. I imagine Mr. Conjunctivitis' voice to sound like the belly button on Seinfeld. Hellllloooo!

  2. So glad to see you posting on a more regular basis again, missed them terribly!!!


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