Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Piss Beers of Upstate New York: Part 5 1/2, Stewart's Mountain Brew Ice Version 2.0

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Piss Beers, Part 2 - Uncle Charlie (Utica Club)
Piss Beers, Part 3 - Genny Bock
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Piss Beers, Part 5 - Stewart's Mountain Brew Ice

So Stewart's went done and switched up their Mountain Brew Ice line... Right when I was getting comfortable with the stuff. Luckily I saved a can of Mountain Brew Beer Ice Version 1.0! My wife laughed at me but I know that most good things in this life are fleeting.

Firstly, they changed the can. Big mistake in my opinion as I loved the stark beauty of the original. With the cheesy snow capped calligraphy on the plain silver can it was a veritable work of art. Now we are left with something that looks like a cut-rate imitation of a Labatt Blue can. Boo, boo I say!

Secondly, they moved production outside the borders of fair New York. Mountain Brew is now produced by Associated Brewing Company out of La Crosse, WI. There are probably sound financial decisions behind this and I get that.

Thirdly, you get an extra .4% ABV! I can't complain about that. Nothing better than getting some drunk off a 3 dollar sixer of Stewart's beer... That is, except for getting some drunker off the reissued 5.9% ABV version.

In any event, there are some differences in flavor. I found Version 1.0 to be a bit nasty, but in a palatable sort of way. Version 2.0 is a bit worse. It starts out insipidly sweet and finishes with an odd bitter taste. I found it to have no detectable hops. Also, don't pour it out of the can as it seems to go flat within seconds. But you know what?, as I said before -- this is a beer that is purpose built to be swilled ice cold out of the can after being fished out of some watery ice in a big ol' lunch box cooler.

Will I still buy the stuff? Yes. Am I particularly happy about the change? Nope, I actually sort of liked Version 1.0. But who are we kidding here? It is a 2.99$ six pack!

I like to buy a sixer of the stuff and a deli dog and pretend it's mother flippin' 1967 or some such. Hot dog with fixins' and a sixer for less than a 5 spot? Sign me up...

As I finished writing this I sipped the ass of the pint glass of the Version 2.0. -- Gym socks folks, gym socks...

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  1. Don't forget to study the little "sports" icons carefully on the v2.0 can. There's a fun and rather realistic depiction in the mix.


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