Monday, October 7, 2013


Not so long ago I made some cider from Indian Ladder Farms apples that the family and I picked. Afterwards, I pitched a bit of yeast into it and let her ferment for some weeks. Today I gave the stuff a looksy and it appeared still and had clarified quite a bit. So I decided to bottle it. 

I had an old Tuthilltown Spirits "Heart of the Hudson Vodka" bottle lying around, so I sterilized it. I thought it would make the perfect vessel for a bit of apple-wine.

I decided to draw off the top of my half gallon as a still, apple-wine sort of thing. The other half I primed and bottled as per usual with bubbly hard cider. But that stuff seems a bit less interesting...

Look how clear and purty the still stuff turned out. I took a sniff and it is pure apples.

I put the bottle in a dark corner of my basement next to all my other myriad pickles and preserves. I think I will leave her for a couple more months to mature.

I have high hopes. I think this is going to be some good stuff and I am leaning towards moving into larger scale seasonal production. But that is another story...

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