Friday, October 11, 2013

As Always -- I Herald the Arrival of NOG SEASON! The Nog Cometh! Gird Your Loins and Prepare Your Gullets!

At this point I like to believe that all the folks who read the garbage I post on this hackiest of hack-blogs are old friends who are familiar with my diverse interests. So I won't bother to link to all of the many, many posts I have dedicated to the subject of the holy Nog (they are conglomerated here).

I can't lie about how excited I get when the nog comes back to the shelves of Stewart's. Our ancestors used the positions of the stars to judge when the festive high days were coming, I use the appearance of eggnog on our indigenous convenient mart's shelves.

Anyhow, I can't wait to get some Stewart's carton-nog in me. It really is one of the best bang for your buck nogs going locally. Don't get tempted by some of the other local bally-hooed nogs as they are sub-par (except for Meadow Brook's, which is really very good). That is all.

Nog. Nog. Nog.

Nog be with you.

P.S. It may be time to put up your Aged Nog for agin' if that is something you are interested in...

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