Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back Bacon: The Best of Both Bacons

The other day I smoked a nice big hunk of back bacon that I'd had a-brinin'. I used some of my Center Square hardwood smoked salt in the brine (along with some Lloyd Spear honey, brown sugar, pepper, and bourbon) and likewise smoked the bacon over that very same wood. I think the pork turned out quite well.

"Back bacon" is a style of bacon that is somewhat more popular in the other nations of the Anglosphere besides the US. I don't know why we Americans limit ourselves to primarily belly/side bacon (streaky bacon) and "Canadian" bacon when there is a whole world of other bacon cuts to explore.

Back bacon has the best of both worlds. You have a nice piece of loin along with a bit of a belly (that little tail piece). You can have the ham-y goodness of "Canadian" bacon (which is just a cured piece of lean loin) right along with the crispy goodness of belly bacon. All in the very same rasher to boot. What's not to like?

I like to take my back bacon in butty form. You need a couple sturdy slices of sandwich bread (I used some Heidelberg pumpernickel most recently) and some good butter. I don't bother with sauce or ketchup. Just some fried bacon and buttery bread...

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