Tuesday, October 1, 2013

French Fry Burger: A Call Back

If you will recall I recently inflicted the Burger King "French Fry Burger" upon myself. You can read the post if you want... But to sum it up -- the thing was an insult to burgers, fries, and France. I don't know why the thing ticked me off so much. The words "French Fry Burger" should conjure up happy thoughts and not thoughts of the limp, soggy, mayo-ridden piece of trash that the King of the Burgers is peddling.

So when the other night my small munchkins were demanding an order of fries from "The French Fry Store" (that is what they call Five Guys, they don't do burgers) an idea was born... Five Guys fries are one of their favorite treats and when they get it in their heads that they need their French fry fix they are fairly merciless in their demands.

I am not a huge Five Guys fan. I will pick at the kid's order of fries and very occasionally I will have one of their "little burgers." But I will admit that if you are going to eat a "fast food" hamburger or fries, then Five Guys is probably one of your best options.

Something occurred to me while I was in line waiting to order fries... I could wash my mind clean of the memory of BK's "French Fry Burger" by creating a right and proper "French Fry Burger" by utilizing some Five Guys product. I could ritually cleanse my palate of BK's mayo-y travesty with my very own creation.

I got a bacon cheese burger with jalapenos and fried onions and slapped on a reasonable handful of fresh fries. Now that folks, was a decent French Fry Burger... I think I probably have some sort of strange culinary OCD. I was honestly bothered by how bad the BK version was. I simply could not rest until I had a decent version of the concept.

Now my thirst for "French Fry Burger" is likely quenched forever as I feel no urge for one in the future.

Oh yeah, by the way. I am still planning to execute my scheme for "Guerilla Poutine" using Five Guys fries... I have taken a break from my cheese making but I will soon be back at it. I am almost to the point where I can make a decent batch of curds.


  1. "Limpid" means "clear."

  2. OK, changed it. Thank you, I will sleep well tonight knowing that the Grammar Police are patrolling my blog...

    Please tell me I am not attracting commentor flies from Table Hopping or something...


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