Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kentucky Country Ham Jagdwurst (Redneck Jagdwurst? Nah, That's Too Much of A "Guy Fieri-esque" Name for Ol' Mr. Dave...)

I had some of my home smoked back bacon and some Col. Newsom's Aged Kentucky Ham Chunks lying around so and idea occurred to me. Have you ever had Jagdwurst? Jagdwurst is a mild German sausage with chunks of ham distributed throughout. It is generally served either as a cold cut or breaded and sautéed (my favorite application).

The ham component of the jagdwurst is your standard boiled ham but I thought a nice twist would be to use some of the country ham instead. I used this recipe (with some of additions and subtractions) scaled down for a 2.5 lb. chub. I used 1 lb. of pork loin, 1/2 lb. fat back, 1/2 lb. homemade back bacon, and 1/2 lb. ham chunks.

I cut the ham chunks into smallish bits and soaked them overnight in some cold water to alleviate a margin of saltiness and to soften the texture. 

You basically use whatever emulsified sausage technique you would use for hot dogs or bologna (I use a mixer) and then fold in the bits of ham. I like to let the raw sausage rest in the fridge for a couple of days, but that is just me. 

I held the chub in my smoker at 100 degrees for an hour and applied 1/2 hour of hickory smoke. I raised the smoker temp. to 165 degrees and brought the internal temp. of the meat up to 155. Then a quick water bath and into the fridge overnight. 

Look at that! It came out great. Nice color and a juicy texture. The country ham added a nice toothsome texture and a nice funky undertone to the mild bologna-esque flavor. I am thoroughly satisfied with this project. I will be frying the majority of this stuff next to eggs in the manner of pork-roll (Pac-Man bacon) or fried bologna. I am looking forward to this.

Also, I remembered something while writing this. Almost exactly 5 years ago I posted about a celebratory meal of jagdwurst, cheese, beer, and bread to celebrate landing my current job (didn't say it in the post, but that was why). I appreciate these sorts of neat coincidences. But the fact that I have been hack-blogging as well as working at my present daily toil for 5 years makes me sit back and lament the quick passage of time. My darling Giblet (4.10 year old bundle of joy and happiness) was still in the Mrs. Dave's belly and Mr. Dave Jr. was naught but a twinkle in my mind's eye... Sigh.

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