Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Arrival of the Annual Meat Gift! I Am Reinstituting the "Feast of the Annual Meat Gift."

I think I missed this annual holiday post-tradition for the last couple of years so I am bringing it back. If you don't know, I have some beloved family members that have made an Xmas tradition of sending me a big ol' box of Omaha Steaks items. Every year like clockwork I awake to find a giant styrofoam box of frozen meats on my porch. You can see Xmas 2008's box here2009's box here, and 2010's box here.

My dilemma is that the wife, children, and I (all appearances to the contrary) are sporadic meat consumers at best. The relatively large amount of frozen food tends to languish in the freezer for more time then I would like. So way back in 2008 (in the infancy of this horrible blog) I came up with a bit of a solution. I decided that I would prepare a glorious one-shot feast utilizing as much of the gift-pack as I could. That year I made a sort of Beef Bourguignon/Shepard's Pie deal which actually went over pretty well. I am naming this tradition -- "The Feast of the Annual Meat Gift"

This is what we have to work with this year.

We have filets, sirloin steaks, chicken breast, hot dogs, burgers, baked tater thingies, carmel apple thingies... I am going to have to devote some thought into what shape Annual Meat Gift Feast will take this year. I will surely update.

Anyhow, MERRY XMAS from the Mr. Dave family! May your eggnog be frosty and well spiced and may your Xmas roast beefs be a true medium rare! May you remember small-you gleefully ripping open presents like a little animal and see that same behavior reflected in your lovely children! Waes hail!

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