Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Have Secured the Holiday Beef

I am quite excited as I have secured my holiday beef! You see, most years during the holiday season I like to gather up some friends and have a small beef feast. I generally try to track down a nice strip loin or rib roast and do it up simply and serve with horseradish sauce. Nothing says the holidays to me like a goodly roast of beef! I also frequently attempt to inflict whatever ungodly fruit cake/egg nog experiments I have created for the year unto my unsuspecting (pretty suspecting actually) friends...

Anyhow, this year I was glad to finally be able to do business with Adventure in Food Trading over in Menands. I have been looking to check the place out for a while as their product list is very expansive and has many interesting things (especially of the meaty variety). As I have been attempting to avoid commodity meats lately I thought Adventure in Food would be a good place to start my questing for a responsible slab of beef.

I spied Kilcoyne Farms strip loins and rib-eyes on the product list and shot out a quick query via tweet/email. I was surprised at how quickly I received a response from the good folks at the establishment. I know their main game over there is restaurant supply so it was nice to see that they pay attention to the individual customer as well. I placed an order for a strip loin (they were out of the rib-eyes) and picked it up this very morning.

I am pleased with the product I obtained as well as with the price and ease of the transaction. I know they stock a lot of responsibly raised game-meats and pork so Adventure in Food will most likely become my favored establishment for obtaining flesh for all of my meaty projects.

In any event, if you are looking to purchase a main event type protein for a holiday meal maybe peruse their product list before you go to your local grocer. Just a little advice from ol' Mr. Dave.

I will surely post details on how I decide to deal with this particular hunk of beef.

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  1. Thanks! Adventure in Food is exactly what I have been seeking.


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