Friday, October 10, 2014

One Year Old Aged Spiced Egg Nog. You Heard Me.

Maybe you will remember that 2 days short of a year ago I posted about whipping up some spiced egg nog which I planned on aging for a bit. As you may remember I am a big fan of aged egg nog (here is some commentary and one of my recipes). Generally I start a batch every year around Halloween to be cracked open between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But last year I got it in my head to push the boundaries a bit and see if I could go without opening a jar of the frothy nectar for an entire year. I succeeded...

This down and dirty batch of nog started its life off a year ago as Johnny Drum bourbon and Stewart's milk/cream/eggs. Very classy. Like me.

Here it is all fresh like for comparison with the above aged nog picture-

Now drinking year old eggnog isn't all disgusting and scary as it might seem. There is enough Johnny Drum in there to gag a horse which should (emphasis on should) have kept the baddies at bay. Tonight I decided to crack the bad boy open and hope for the best.

Here is a video of the uncorking -

All that goop on the lid is just butter fat from the cream. I gave it a sniff and it was a rather benign noggy/boozy stench. I was undeterred and decided to persevere with my mission of getting some of the nog into my gut.

Here is the pour -

Something I noticed during the pour was that the nog seemed rather thin in consistency compared to how it was at the beginning. I could hazard some guesses as to why this might have happened but I am a hack barely literate writer of a blog that is sort of about food, not a scientist. I will say that I didn't note any putrid chunks or green bits. This left me slightly encouraged.

So Dave, how did it taste?

Well, as is usually the case with experiments like this, it was shockingly normal. It tasted like a decent nog made with cheap bourbon. Very much like the 2-3 month old aged nogs I usually make. I will say that the hooch flavor was noticeably smoother for the aging. The year seemed to have taken the edge off of the Johnny Drum. As mentioned before the nog was noticeably thinner. Almost as if the cream had been removed from the equation. 

There were really no off flavors or any sort of spoilage that I could detect by taste. Perhaps I will die tomorrow of some horrid nog incubated pestilence... But I actually think I am going to be OK.

So I think the year old nog experiment was sort of a bust. I don't think 12 months was much of an improvement over 1 or 2 months. Color me disappointed. I expected either a transcendent taste sensation or a gloriously disgusting failure. Such is life. I got mediocre. 

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