Monday, November 24, 2014

Cider Belly Donuts

So today I had to venture into downtown Albany to complete a very mundane errand on State Street. To wash the bad taste of bureaucracy out of my mouth I decided to pop by Cider Belly Donuts over on North Pearl as I have been vaguely curious about the joint since it opened. Also, it seems that lately we are all supposed to be super psyched about donuts. I am a sucker for fads...

I guess I should say that I don't really care about donuts other than cider donuts and cider donuts are inextricably linked with the experience of getting cider donuts in my mind. You go to the orchard/farm stand (Altamont Orchards or Indian Ladder for example), you poke about, you go stand in line, you get your sack of warm donuts. That is pretty much it. So I am vaguely suspicious of buying and eating a cider donut in the middle of a city. But I tried to forget all of that nonsense and just get a sack of donuts.

When you get close to Cider Belly you are greeted by the not altogether unpleasant stench of cooking donuts/donut grease. The decor is pleasant and the goods and donuts are attractively displayed. I ordered a 1/2 dozen sugared cider donuts to go and left with my prize for the reasonable sum of 5 dollars American.

I detected no warmth from the bag of donuts but I sort of expected that as I popped by at around 1100, well after the probable morning rush. I walked them back to my car which I had parked on the roof of the Sheridan Hollow garage. I had received a coupon for a free coffee at Cider Belly and as I don't drink that particular beverage I decided to leave it laying about for some lucky Albanite to discover. I put it on the emergency box in Stairway #2 on the roof level of the garage. For all I know it is still there.

Moving on to the business at hand. Here is one of the Cider Belly donuts.

Nothing like enjoying a cider donut on a rainy day inside a Toyota on the roof of a parking garage with a bleak view of urban decay and smoke stacks... 

Here be the crumb of the donut.

I thought the donut was OK. Sweet enough with a spicy sort of flavor and crusty with a cake-y texture. Very aggressively cider flavored in comparison to the other usual suspects in the area. 

If I was in proximity to Cider Belly again I would definitely pop back in to see what else they have going on. But I do not consider this to be a destination for "cider donuts." Separated from the traditional cider donut experience these are just pretty good donuts. If we are talking "cider donuts" give me the bag-mix beauties they churn out at Indian Ladder any day. 

All this said, Cider Belly is a charming joint with quality products and if you are down there you should give them a whirl.


  1. Indian Ladder? I thought you were an Altamont Orchard kind of guy.

    You and I will have to disagree on the verdict, but I think you did hit on the highlights of this place:
    1) Crusty
    2) Strong cider flavor

    Getting warm donuts is always a crap shoot. But tell me where I can get the crusty ones with a good cider flavor, and I'll come running.

    1. Born an Altamont Orchard guy, been going to Indian Ladder now that I have left Guilderland. I like them both about equally I guess.

  2. "brilliant blog! .I tried this Recepie, Its Awsome ... thanku!!!


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