Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dunkin Donuts' "Croissant Donut" is Suspiciously Similar to Their "French Cruller"

Pretty much every time Dunkin Donuts puts out some vomitous new donut I feel the need to try it. The last time I sated my morbid donut curiosity was when I looked into the void and ate some of a "Brownie Batter stuffed Donut."

This time we have the "Croissant Donut." This is Dunkin Donuts' lame (year late) attempt to jump in on the Cronut craze that was all the rage with the NYC novelty food set. They are a year late and a dollar short with this feeble attempt...

I have had a couple things purporting to be "cronuts" and they have been uniformly pretty bad. I guess the main rub is that the donuts are supposed to have "layers" sort of like a croissant. Most of the ones I have had reminded me of those cheap pull apart biscuit thingies that come in a tube. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting much.

What I wasn't expecting was deception!

Trickery I say! Remember Dunkins' "French Crullers?" (I stole the below picture from the internet) -

The godamn "croissant donut" is a godamn "French Cruller" with a slightly mutated shape! The texture/taste is to my sensibilities indistinguishable. It is my suspicion that some genius in Dunkin Donuts marketing had the bright idea to stick a different nozzle on the French cruller machine and call the result a "croissant donut."

For shame, for shame. You sir, are no croissant donut... On the bright side, if you are heavy into French crullers I guess you eat these now too.

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  1. a dollar short? I would argue a dollar too far... Thank you for commenting on the "cruller connection"


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