Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pickled Stewart's Shops Deli Dog (In Homemade Beer Vinegar)

So some weeks ago I decided it might be fun to pickle some Stewart's Shops Deli Dogs. I have always (guiltily) sort of been a fan of pickled sausages (remember when I used one to execute some "Prison Cuisine?"). If any sausage/hot dog was going to take well to picklin', I was certain it would be the venerable Deli Dog.

For the pickling brine I used some homemade beer vinegar that I am quite proud of. I used very much the same ratios in this brine as I did with my beer vinegar pickled eggs (recipe in the post). The only adjustment I made was to up the ratio of red pepper.

I probably should have just fished one of the pickled dogs out of the brine and munched it cold... But tonight I thought it might be interesting to prepare one in the manner of your standard Stewart's bought Deli Dogs.

If you will remember, I hold it as truth that the only way to truly enjoy a Deli Dog is out of a Stewart's Shops hot dog steamer. This is the only way you are able to partake of the limp, custardy, moist glory of a classic Deli Dog. This is why I was horrified to see those steamers being replaced by hot dog rollers in many Stewart's locations.

Needless to say, I have come up with a decent solution for steaming Deli Dogs at home (sans hot dog steamer).

Get yourself some Stewart's rolls. By the way Stewart's, make New England style rolls also (maybe you already do, inform me of this if so...).

Throw one of the pickled dogs in about an inch of simmering water, place a steamer thingy over that, and throw in a roll.

Keep checking the roll for proper steamy squishiness. You will know when it is right.

And there you have it...

A proper (pickled) Deli Dog.

So how did it taste, Dave?

Ha! It was so good! Vinegar/mustard punch up front with nice heat that grew as I chewed. The texture of the Deli Dog was a bit firmer than the un-pickled form, but still pleasantly soft. For condiments this thing aches for just a bit of mustard. The pickled-ness of the Deli Dog might get lost under the onion/meat sauce/mustard combo that I usually favor.

Yes. That is the rub. Just a bit of mustard on ol' Mr. Dave's pickled Deli Dogs will transport you to Deli Dog heaven...

So what did you think? Out of the abyss -- a post! About pickled hot dogs! Who missed my ramblings?
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