Monday, July 27, 2015

I Google "Deep Dreamed" a Picture of Some Famous Lunch Hot Dogs

Last week I unknowingly celebrated "National Hot Dog Day" via a hot dog man-date at Famous Lunch with a friend of mine. As I can never eat hot dogs without photo documenting the whole process, I snapped the following photo of my 6 w/the works.

Have you heard of Google's DeepDream? Well I have. And I found a web interface. And wouldn't you know it? I just had to run my hot dog picture through... The results were good on so many levels.

It turned all of the "hot dog sauce" into literal "dog sauce." Look at all those cute pups in place of the red, greasy, nectar of the hot dog god (Famous' Zippy Sauce)! I love it. This is a picture for the ages. 

I think I have stumbled onto something folks. We should start running all sorts of Capital Region jazz through DeepDream. Our corner of the world is already surreal enough... The results could be very intriguing. 

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