Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Priceless Fluid: My Children, An Apple Tree, Winter.

This bottle contains homemade applejack (for a theoretical method of making applejack, see my post). My children picked the apples from a single tree at Indian Ladder, I made them into cider (then hard cider), and jacked a half gallon using the New York winter cold snap we just had. How is that for a small batch locally “distilled” spirit?
That bottle contains about 750 milliliters of condensed Upstate New York autumn. I don’t want to wax too philosophical about this, but I will. Everything is in there. The laughter of my children, the touch of their fingers, apples, orchards, cold. I hesitate to even drink it.
Several times I have held the bottle in my hand and smiled. It brings to my mind memories of a day at the orchard and of the calm and peace I find in the process of making cider. I think I should like to just have it around for a while. Maybe a special occasion will roll around that will seem suitable to take the bottle out.
Perhaps I will have a nip in the middle of bleakest February to chase away the frost and bring to my mind thoughts of a stroll through an October orchard…

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